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Common Household Problems And How To Fix Them

Construction safety

Once you become a homeowner, you quickly realize that it is down to you to fix common household problems. Instead of relying on a parent or landlord to fix the problem, you will need to address the problem quickly, and this can be intimidating and particularly if you do not have the knowledge of how to fix common household problems. In most cases, it can be relatively easy to fix issues, but it is best to know how to fix these before they occur so that you can act quickly and not panic. With this in mind, here are a few common household problems that can occur and how to fix them:

Blocked Toilet

A blocked toilet can be an embarrassing problem, but it can usually be straightforward to fix, and you should always stop flushing if the blockage will not move. A plunger is a must-have, and it is always best to have one before you need one and using these is relatively straightforward. Failing this, try an enzyme waste removal product or use a plumbing snake/wire coat hanger.

Power Outage

When the power goes out, it is important to first make sure that everyone is safe. You should then identify if it is just your home or the entire neighborhood. If just your home, locate the breaker panel (it is best to know where this is beforehand!) and turn off each breaker one by one. Next, reset your main breaker before turning each breaker back on one by one. If possible, turn off appliances at the wall before doing this as the surge in power can cause damage.

Leaking Pipes

A leak can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety, but it is important to act quickly to minimize damage. Start by turning off all the electricity at the fuse board and placing a bucket under the leak and/or wrap a towel around the pipe. Next, turn the water off with the stop valve (normally on the ground floor in the kitchen or bathroom). You then need to contact a local plumber who can repair the pipe – you can find reputable plumbers in your area by searching online, best plumbers in Toronto, for example.

Broken Window

Broken windows need to be repaired quickly as it can be a huge security concern. Start by putting on thick gloves and picking up any shards on the floor and remove any jagged edges from the frame. As a temporary fix, use several trash bags and tape to seal the window. Next, you will need to call out a window repair professional – in most cases; they can do same day repairs.

It can be scary when something goes wrong at a property, but by being prepared with the knowledge of how to quickly make repairs, it can reduce stress and ensure no lasting damage is done. As a homeowner it is always important to know where key parts of the home are, such as the stop valve and the breaker panel, along with the phone number for local repairs services – it is best to know this before you need to and could make a huge difference.


Best Alternatives to Grass for Your Yard


Lawns and gardens are most commonly associated with green grass and shrubbery, but that doesn’t have to be the case. A number of things can give your lawn an interesting and unique look. The following are a few alternatives that you might find interesting depending on your region and the overall look you want your lawn to have.

Flowering Lawn

Perhaps you need something beautiful and unexpected, like a flowering lawn. There are a number of plants out there that can create a very colorful lawn, and all you need is a good wildflower seed mix to get started. These flowers are low maintenance, allowing homeowners to enjoy the scenic view of a colorful meadow without the backbreaking work of gardening.

You might see little blossoms sprouting from your lawn with beautiful colors like yellows, blues, and violets just to name a few. It should be pointed out that wildflowers actually grow in some of the most inhospitable of areas, so if you have a lawn with steep slopes, rocky areas, or sand dunes, this alternative should work well for you.

Synthetic Green

Synthetic grass or artificial grass is a great option for those looking for a good alternative to the real thing. You get a material that is going to simulate grass without all the lawn care and landscaping duties required for an immaculate lawn.

Some synthetic grass even has the same texture as you would expect with real grass, making it a pretty decent option. Those looking for something soft may want to consider polyethylene grass while those looking for grass that could take high heat may want to stick with nylon.

Medley of Stuff

When it comes to alternatives to grass, nothing comes close to using mulch if you are looking for something flexible. This material is natural and comes in different textures and colors. You can choose wood chips, shredded bark, sawdust, pine needles, straw mulch, and so many other options.

Heck, those who want something synthetic could go for something like rubber mulch. The great thing about this material is that it still helps retain moisture and keeps weeds away. It is a great option for people who live in a region with limited water.

Rock the Lawn

Sometimes, you can only use a little water. When this happens, you are going to have to turn to alternatives like gravel. There are a number of choices to choose from like granite, stone pebbles, river rocks, or pea gravel.

All of these options give you a wide range of textures and colors that could do wonders for your lawn. It should be pointed out that stone lawns are not going to attract bugs as much as other options might, so those who don’t want to deal with bugs or allergies should definitely consider this option.

A Bit of Moss

There are times you can’t choose your lawns, and you might get stuck with lawns that do not get enough sun or have poor soil. If you have this issue, you may want to consider moss as a good alternative. All you need is a little watering and sunlight each day but not direct sunlight. Another advantage worth pointing out is that moss does not need to be mowed and still looks beautiful. Now, keep in mind that moss does not grow flowers, so that could be a drawback depending on what you were hoping for.

Hopefully, some of these alternatives are to your liking and satisfy your needs. Of course, you can always talk to a landscaping professional to help you come up with other options if these do not work for you.

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Built to Last: What Type of Roof Material is Best for Your Property?

property roofs

If you’re like many people, building a home is the biggest investment you’ll make in your life. It’s important to make the right decision about this investment.

A roof is expected to last for decades, so you should ensure you’re getting the best roof material. Nobody enjoys having to pay for roof repair, but even a single hole is enough to call for the attention of a roofing expert.

So what is the best roof material for your home? Read on to learn about the various roof materials available on the construction market today.

Built-Up Roofing

It is a popular roofing option for flat or low slope roofs. It’s commonly used for large commercial buildings. Built-up roofing is made of multiple layers of materials that are pressed together.

These materials include asphalt coated organic pane, fiberglass, several layers of coal or cotton fabric, a layer of bitumen(lap cement, coal, asphalt) and surfacing component that is made of asphalt, gravel mineral or coatings.

When coated with paint, it reduces the effects of UV radiation. If you live in an area with a hot climate, this is an ideal option for you.

Standing Seam Roof

It’s called standing seam roof since steel or aluminum panels intersect in raised seams to keep moisture out. It’s a common type of roofing and popular in areas with heavy snowfall. It’s also fireproof making it ideal for in regions with notable risk of wildfires.

Standing seam roof is long lasting and fully recyclable once worn out. Its installation requires a high level of skill, but the return on investment is quite impressive.

Clay Tile

This roofing is made from earthen clays. The clay is molded into interlocking or rolled shapes and fired for toughness. It’s often left unpolished, with a distinctive reddish-orange color. When glazed and firmed, they become ceramic roofing tiles.

Clay tile is the best roof type for you especially if you live in hot and humid climates. This is why these roofs are common in desert or Southern Coastal regions. It has a high cost of installation.

Concrete Tile

It is similar to clay tiles. Similar advantages and similar installation techniques.

In fact, you can use concrete tiles as an alternative to clay tile. It has a variety of profiles from where you can choose from, some even resemble clay tiles.

If you live in an area prone to high winds, concrete tile is ideal for you. This is because it’s a heavy roofing material. The decorative coating used on its finishing gives concrete tile some aesthetic value.

Rolled Roofing

It’s ideal for low slope residential houses as well as commercial buildings. It’s made up long rolls of asphalt-permeated material saturated with mineral granules.

This roofing material offers a fast and affordable way to cover a low slope roof where aesthetic value isn’t a priority. 

Membrane Roofing

It’s a type of roofing system for tanks and buildings. You can use this roofing for nearly flat or flat roofs to prevent leakage and ensure no water pools form on the roof. The water pools on the roof cause corrosion. Membrane roof is made from modified bitumen or PVC.

One of the common membranes roofing product is EPDM (rubber roofing). It’s applied in large sheets limiting the number of seams that water can infiltrate.

Wood Roofing

Machine cut wood such as redwood, pressure-treated pine, redwood, and cedar make beautiful shingled roofing material.

Wood shingles produce uniform appearance since they are machine cut. There is also wood shakes that is used together with shingles to complete the roofing. The shakes are hand-cut.

This explains their rustic appearance. They are more expensive than shingles. Shingles cost less per square foot compared to shakes.

You may want to consider this kind of roof for its natural beauty. They last for many years but may get fewer years in damp conditions. It’s a poor choice in regions prone to wildfires.

Still, it remains the best choice for you if you looking for something luxurious.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs remain a popular roof material among homeowners despite these myths. Metal roofs are long-lasting and withstand punishment from different weather elements.

Metal a lightweight material that is easy to install.

Slate Shingles

It is considered one of the best roof material. If you looking for long-lasting roofing material, look no further. There are slate roofs, two centuries old that is still functioning.

This tells you that this is an authentic roofing material. Since slate cleaves off in thin sheets, it becomes easy to quarry. This is why it’s ideal for roofing.

You will have to find a very specialized skill to install this roofing material. The problem is, such qualified installers are hard to find. If properly installed, you have a century guarantee.

Asphalt Shingles

This is considered as one of the most economical roofing materials. Asphalt shingles come in a variety of different textures and colors and blend well with almost any type of exterior.

It is made of either fiberglass or paper fiber mat. They are not as durable as many of today’s roofing options. It’s moderate and easy to install. It’s good for high wind regions. It isn’t so eco-friendly since it’s a petroleum-based product.

Eco-Friendly Green Roof

This is a unique type of roof that is made up of living plant materials and moss. It’s often called a living roof because it absorbs rainwater, breaths oxygen, and provides thermal insulation.

You don’t require specialized skill to create a green roof.

Just make sure you install a layer of membrane to allow drainage. The work is involving and the cost varies widely. If you’re willing to make an environmental statement, this is definitely a roof you may consider.

Choose a Roof Material That Best Suits Your Home and Needs

With so many roof materials to choose from, not all will work best for you.

Besides the overall cost of installation, you need to consider other factors such as the local weather and the level of upkeep needed. These are factors that you can’t afford to overlook when selecting a roof material for your needs.

Aside from the roofers that will build your roof, you will need the help of other construction professionals to build your home.

Check out our article to find out what 5 professionals you may need for your home construction.

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Top Tips for Renovating Your Garage

worker tools

A garage is one of those multifaceted spaces in your home that can serve multiple purposes. For many, it is notorious as the storage room and ends up getting filled with items that have no use or no real home. Nevertheless, it can be used for many other things – whether it be an indoor gym, extra bedroom, or study area.

If you intend on transforming your garage or even creating one from scratch any time soon, then you should continue reading.

Below are a few top tips on renovating your garage that could help you with your project.

Come up With Design

The first step to renovating or improving a garage would be to come up with an idea. Visualize what you want your garage to look like and then develop a design that brings it to life. A few ideas regarding everyday things you can do to your garage include:

  • Extra Room: One way to design your garage that could add value to your home would be to create another bedroom. This option, however, will take thoughtful planning and you’ll need to do things like insulate the floor and install water and sewer lines if there aren’t any already.
  • Activity Room: If you want to turn your garage into a fun escape for anyone in the family, why not put a few pool tables, darts and pinball machines inside? It can essentially become a go-to-spot for relaxation or fun which will benefit everyone.
  • Workshop: A garage can come in handy when you work with your hands and take on several DIY projects. Think about turning it into a workshop if you happen to fall into this category.

Keep Costs Low

A renovation that you hope to spend $500 on can quickly become a $5,000 project if you don’t effectively budget. With this in mind, work on keeping your costs low by sourcing affordable craft and materials. If you’re going to do it yourself, then you may want to get the essentials from Steel Buildings Kit as they have versatile and easy to assemble kits. Doing so would save you the hassle of having to deal with contractors and could work out far cheaper as well.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

One characteristic of a garage can be a lack of proper ventilation. However, this can lead to moist room air and mold damage. If you don’t want this, it’s essential that you start by installing ventilation grills and cutting off an inch or two from the bottom of the door so that air can get in and dangerous gases can escape. Another idea for ventilating the garage would be to buy and install an exhaust fan kit which should help improve ventilation too.

Stay Organized

Any renovation project you decide to do can get more hectic than you originally envisioned. To keep things under control, create a plan which includes a start and finish date as well as all of the tools and hands you need on deck. Keep everyone in the loop about what will be happening and when to avoid accidents, missing items or any major setbacks.

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Handicap Homes: 8 Ways to Make a Home Disability Friendly

wheelchair access

Did you know that over 131 million people in the world need a wheelchair?

It’s no wonder that more homes have to be built with a wheelchair in mind.

Do you need to alter a home for somebody disabled?

To create handicap homes, you need to know what they’ll need to be comfortable.

Keep reading for 8 ways to make it work.

Handicap Homes: 8 Ways to Make a Home Disability Friendly

If you or your loved one needs the home to be disability friendly there are many ways to make the house more comfortable for everyone living there. You have a ton of options when you create handicap homes.

Another point to think about is if you ever decide to sell your home in the future having it handicap accessible will make your property more valuable to a wider range of people.

1. Wide Doorways 

Walkers and wheelchairs need a lot of space to get through. The wider the area is the better. The average doorway is between 23″ – 27.”

For a wheelchair to fit the doorframe has to be at least 32 inches. Some people choose to install french doors because these provide more than enough room for a wheelchair. 

Another option is to widen your doorway. Going this route can cost up to $1,000 to do. You do have the option of buying offset hinges and installing them.

The offset hinges will swing the door clear of the opening.

2. Ramps

If your home has steps you will need a ramp for a wheelchair to be able to get in and out of the house. If you have a child on a wheelchair you might be able to get away with lifting them up a few steps when they are younger but as they get older this will be more of a challenge. You have different ramp options.

You can either have a separate ramp from the steps in your home or you can have a ramp to go over the steps in your home. When you are looking at adding a wheelchair ramp for stairs do your research because there are so many options. There are different layout options such as:

  • Straight ramps
  • Switchback ramps
  • Left turn ramps
  • Right turn ramps

You also have different material options to choose from including:

  • Aluminum
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Steel

3. Bathroom

Taking showers is part of everyday living. Creating a handicap bathroom is another necessity. You will need to make sure there is enough room to roll a wheelchair into the shower. 

You also have to make sure the shower floor is non-slippery material to avoid accidents. Keep in mind that the more grout that is in between tiles the less slippery the floors will be. 

The bathroom sink you will want to choose one that is open underneath to be able to roll in with a wheelchair. Make sure the mirror is low enough to see yourself from a seated position. 

The toilet is another area in the bathroom you have to make sure is low enough to easily transfer to and from a wheelchair. If it’s not low enough you can add an elevated seat with guard rails to make the transfer easier.

One last thing you might consider adding to the bathroom to give extra support are grab bars. You can install them by the shower, tub, sink, and toilet. 

4. Kitchen 

To make your home more handicap accessible there are a few kitchen changes that can be made. Appliances can be rearranged to be near the sink and counters to make it easier for cooking. Everyday items can be moved to lower cabinets to access easier.

You can put at least one accessible workspace where someone can access while sitting in a wheelchair. The workspace can be a fold-down table that’s hinged to the wall or a small dining table.

You can also remove cabinets underneath a counter and make sure the counter is low enough to be reached while sitting in a wheelchair. The sink is another area that has to be accessible from a seated position. You can create leg space under the sink to give room for a wheelchair to sit comfortably.

When you choose a stove to pick one that has the controls on the front of the appliance. You can attach a removable mirror on the wall behind the cooktop at an angle to keep an eye on the food on the stove. 

If there are any exposed pipes don’t forget to insulate them. The last thing you want is someone burning their legs or their feet. 

5. Rails

These are great to have on-ramps for extra support while going up and down in a wheelchair. They are also important to have for those that aren’t using a wheelchair but need extra support because they struggle with mobility.

6. Clear Paths

Everyone living in the home will want to keep in mind that all the hallways and area should be kept clear. You want to make sure that your loved one is able to get around without something in the way. 

Have an area to keep the shoes instead of leaving them by the door to make sure a wheelchair won’t trip on them.

7. Area to Park

When the wheelchair isn’t being used you want to have a designated spot or spots to keep it. You don’t want to randomly trip over a wheelchair at night time when you’re half asleep. 

8. Closet Rods

To make it easy for someone to reach clothing in a closet from a wheelchair you can bring the rods down. Usually, about two feet from the floor is perfect for those reaching for their clothes from a wheelchair.

Your Loved One Will Be Forever Grateful

As you can see there are many ways to create handicap homes. Your disabled loved one will appreciate every attention to detail and thought that you put into the home.

Are you looking for more tips when it comes to building a home? Check out our build section with more ideas.


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Survive the Summer in Style: The Best Window Coverings to Keep Heat Out


Temperatures aren’t the only things rising come summertime. 2018 was the fourth hottest summer on record, which means higher utility bills all summer to keep our homes cool. Finding ways to beat the heat without breaking the bank is harder than ever before. 

Luckily, the summer sun doesn’t have to mean a rocketing utility bill. A savvy homeowner or renter can use tricks of the trade to reduce their utility consumption and keep those electric bills low. Read on to find out the best window coverings to keep heat out!

Reducing Heat Penetration 

The key to keeping your home cool with window treatments is to reduce radiant heat from the sun. You may think those sheer treatments that allow circulation will keep temperatures down, but that isn’t always the case. It also doesn’t work to use plain dark window treatments that will only heat up by absorbing solar energy.

It is smart to keep curtains open and air circulating through areas that are not in direct sunlight. For areas directly facing the sun, however, you’ll best reduce heat penetration by bouncing solar rays away from your windows and back outside. 

Darker areas, such as the interior of your home, absorb sunlight (and the sun’s heat with it.) Dark colors retain the most heat. Light-colored and reflective window treatments can stop sunlight from ever penetrating indoors to begin with, meaning your indoor temperature will stay cooler from the start. 

Best Window Coverings to Keep Heat Out

Solar Shades

If you hate blocking the view outside with drapes or blinds, solar shades might be the best window treatment for you. These screens reduce glare, while still allowing a view similar to that of sheer draperies. 

Solar shades are made of a high-tech mesh screen that effectively controls heat and light transference. Though they do not block light completely, these screens filter out harmful UV rays and bounce solar heat away from your rooms. Light or white solar shades provide the best heat reflection. 

Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains have a backing layer made of white vinyl or plastic. This opaque back side reflects light and does not allow any rays to pass through.

Not only effective for keeping your bedroom dark while sleeping, blackout curtains also keep the heat at bay. While you can purchase curtains that are already lined, you can also buy separate blackout liners to hang behind your existing curtains.

The best way to hang a blackout curtain is to mount it tightly to the wall from floor to ceiling. The more space these drapes occupy, the less light can penetrate through along the edges.


Adding some shade to your windows with an awning can reduce solar heat absorption by as much as 65-77%. The Department of Energy recommends light-colored awnings that reflect the most sunlight. Use awnings along with other window solutions to maximize your benefits!

Consider using retractible versions so you don’t lose the option to bring more sun in during the colder months. The best awnings are made of resistant materials such as acrylic, polyvinyl laminate, or other synthetics with a long lifespan. 

Cellular Shades

Also known as honeycomb shades, cellular shades are designed to insulate. Their surface is covered in hexagonal cells, which form a protective layer against your window. The air pockets within the honeycomb lattice are a barrier against heat or cold since air is a poor heat conductor.

The honeycomb structure diffuses the light and heat, preventing it from filtering into your home. Their sleek and simple look pairs well with other window treatments, such as drapes. 

Reflective Blinds

Think of a reflective blind like a pair of sunglasses for your house. The back side of these blinds have a special film that bounces light back outside instead of letting it penetrate through to the indoors.

Reflective blinds are most often white or light-colored. Unlike dark colors which absorb light, pale blinds reflect light. 

Depending on the architecture of your home, you may even be able to try exterior blinds. Similar to shutters, these weather-resistant window coverings help control light before it can even pass through your window panes.

A Proper Fit

With any window covering, you’ll achieve the most effective result if you hang them correctly. Curtains, shades, and blinds should fit snugly within the confines of your window space.

Anything meant to create a barrier cannot have gaps for cold air or warm light to get through. Mount your curtains tightly to the wall, and make sure they close over the whole window. 

An expert blind service like the pros at Fifty Shades and Blinds can help you get the perfect fit. For unusual or oversized windows, using a service may be the only way to find window coverings in the dimensions you need.  

So Bright, You Gotta Hang Shades

The best window coverings to keep heat out will often depend on unique features of your home. Someone with less sun-facing windows will need less heavy-duty coverings for their windows. Someone with multiple sliding glass doors might want to get custom treatments for a perfect fit.

Depending on your home’s architecture, you might find that combining two or more window treatments is a good solution. Why not use awnings over sun-facing windows on the exterior, while using shades and drapery on the inside? Having customizable options depending on the season and weather patterns will allow you the most control.

If you’re looking to further reduce your energy costs for the life of your home, replacement windows can be an extra safeguard against summer temps. Finding yourself in need of a window upgrade? Visit our guide on how to choose the best new windows for your home today. 


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Carved Creations: Working with Wood and Stone


Are you looking to remodel your home? Why not do it so it not only is pleasing to your eye while you live in it but also boosts your home’s property value for when you’re ready to sell down the road.

58% of Americans are eager to start home renovations but what area of the home are they planning to change up most? If you guessed outdoor spaces, you’d be correct, with bathroom coming in a close second.

Right now, designers across the country report that stone and wood are all the rage in kitchen and bathrooms remodels. In this article, we’re breaking down the hottest wood and stone trends and how you can incorporate them into your next reno.

Grab your tool kit, we’re getting started!

Wood and Stone Kitchen Looks

Want to boost the look of your kitchen? Look no further. Use these quality materials to improve your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Go for Stone Countertops

One of the best ways to increase the value of your kitchen is to replace your countertops with something timeless like quartz or granite countertops. Ditch your mother’s vinyl, it’s time for an upgrade.

Stone countertops like quartz are durable, easy to clean, and sanitary. Trust us, this investment will pay for itself when it’s time to sell. Learn more here.

Opt for Quality Wood Cabinets

This is another example of when not to use vinyl. Choose a quality wood that will take a stain well. Some of the best choices of wood for cabinets are as follows:

  • cherry
  • maple
  • oak
  • hickory
  • birch
  • walnut
  • pecan

Remember that the characteristics and grains of the wood vary so choose wisely.

Try out Stone Walls or Backsplashes

A huge trend we’re seeing in modern kitchens right now is entire stone walls and high ceilings. The emphasis on the sharp silhouettes demands your attention making it the main focal point of the room.

Don’t want to commit to an entire stone wall? We understand. You can still try out the trend on a smaller scale with a stone backsplash to get a similar effect

Wood and Stone Bathroom Trends

Is your bathroom ready for a facelift? Let’s see how wood and stone can transform your bathroom.

Stone Tiles

There’s nothing more calming than stepping on a shower boasting of stone accents. Whether it’s the stone tiles on the walls or river rock flooring, you really feel like you’re at the spa, especially if it’s a walk-in shower.

You can also pair your stone tiles with a stone bathroom countertop or stone sink basin for an extra dash of chic.

Wooden Sauna-Like Walls

Want another way to bring the spa to you? Try wooden walls! Wood doesn’t usually hold up the best when paired with humidity so opt for a wood-looking tile or waterproof your wood carefully.

Exposed Wooden Beams

Want to incorporate a grand design feature in your home? Why not get on board with exposed wooden beam trend that’s been everywhere lately.

Exposing your home’s beams make your ceilings higher and your room appears larger. It’s also rustically gorgeous and perfect to look at, especially if you’re lounging in a tub looking up.

Stone and Wood Exterior Designs

You no longer have to feel embarrassed by the way your house looks. Boost your curbside appeal with these simple fixes and watch the bids fly in.

The obvious suggestion would be installing wood or stone siding. This can be expensive so here are some more creative (and more budget-friendly) options.

Put in a Stone Path

Add some visual interest to your exterior by upgrading the path to your home. Don’t waste another moment walking on a boring concrete or overdone brick walkway. Lay down exotic stones that will lead your guests into your newly redone home.

Wooden Front Door

First impressions mean everything when people view your house. Don’t waste another moment trying to use your current front door.

Choose a quality, sophisticated wood like African Mahogany or Spanish Cedar.

It’s time to stand out. Try out a bold colored coat of paint. You might just overhear things like “Let’s put a bid on the house with the red door.”

New Shutters

Upgrade your home’s curb appeal with classic, quality, wood shutters. Choosing the style of your shutter is the perfect way to make a positive first impression on guests and potential buyers. Will you go with Bahama, open or closed Louver, or the classic shaker style?

Stone and Wood Interior Ideas

To bring everything together from the outside to the kitchen and bathroom, use stone and wood conversation pieces throughout the house.

Wood Conversational Pieces

Think of conversation pieces like a restored wooden sewing machine, a vintage cedar chest, or even a refurbished barn door as a unique dining table. These are easily scored at yard sales and flea markets and can be easily transformed with some sanding and stain.

We love the idea of using wood in its most natural form like twig coat hooks or DIY branch lamps. Try securing tempered glass over a stump to make a creative coffee table or side table.

Stone Accent Pieces

Stone accent pieces can be everything and anything from statues, lamps, vases, or bookends. It’s the perfect way to bring your room together and add an air of sophistication to your room.

Stone Fireplace

There are a few things more classic than a stone fireplace. Give your current mantle a facelift by laying stone veneers. It will instantly add warmth to your space and become the focal point of your room.

Stay in the Know

Now that you know what the hottest stone and wood trends are the only thing left to do is get started!

At Property Talk, we’ve got everything you need to know about real estate, from home renovations to property management. Check out our site for more information and always stay up to date.

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