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How to Decorate Your Bathroom On A Budget


Many people feel that bringing a fresh look to your bathroom will be costly, however, there are many ways that you can help spice up your bathroom with little to no cost at all. Here are ways to decorate your bathroom on a budget.

A Lick of Paint

The first great way to help transform your bathroom on a budget is simply by adding a new coat of paint. A lick of paint can make an enormous difference and give you the upgrade you are looking for. For the ceiling and walls, you will want to invest in mold-proof and mildew resistant primers and paint. Although it will cost a little bit more than basic formulas, you will only need around a gallon to cover the average-sized bathroom. Also, the extra cost can give maximum protection for bathrooms that are prone to moisture.

New Hardware

A typical bathroom is full of hardware in the form of towel bars, sink faucets, toilet flush handles, and cabinet knobs. There are many ways you can help upgrade these items and bring a bit of shine and sparkle to your bathroom. Taking simple steps such as taking away yellow brass in exchange for oil-rubbed bronze can add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. Upgrading the feel, function and look of the fixtures will inject the style and personality you want.

Keeping It Simple

If you are looking to keep your bathroom more traditional, it is best to stick to basic white fixtures for your sink, tub, and toilet. Visiting websites like Simple Toilet can put you in touch with the best appliances for your bathroom. Also, opting for white tile for your flooring or backsplash can help save you money. If you feel that white may make your bathroom look too dull, investing in a glass mosaic border can help add a touch of color to your bathroom.

Bringing in Light

If you feel your bathroom is looking too dark and unappealing, investing in good lighting can make a significant difference and transform your bathroom. You will need to decide on where you want your lighting to be to ensure the whole room is well lit. There are many ways that you can help enhance your lights such as by draping crystal drops over the fixtures. Also, adding LED lights to the ceiling that you are able to dim can help bring you a feeling of peace and calm for all those long soaks in the bath.


There are many decorations that you can place in your bathroom to help give it a brand-new look. Simply hanging up photo frames around the bathroom can make a stark difference and give you the look you want. Bringing in plants can also change the overall look.

With so many ways to bring something new to your bathroom, you are sure to find a look and aesthetic to please you. Try and speak to those who have recently had bathroom refurbishments, so you can get a better idea of what you could do on your budget.