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Must Do Property Renovation Tips

renovation tips

Renovating your home will test your budget and your patience, so you’ll need to be well prepared and expect the unexpected to happen. Most renovations end up costing more and take longer to complete. Why? Well we change our minds on what we want during the project so to get it off to a good start the first step is working out what you want. There are plenty of online resources to find designs, and tips on how to manage home renovations. In this article we touch on a few areas in the home that are the usual suspects for regular refits like the kitchen.

Renovating your kitchen

Modular kitchens are the way to go these days and there’s a really good reason for it. They can be economical and also transform even the smallest of spaces. Seek advice on spatial design of the kitchen. You’ll want a design that best suits your area so think function first. This room is the most important room in the house it is where your family and visitors will gravitate to so give it lots of attention and a good budget. As the saying goes ‘kitchens and bathrooms sell properties’.

Bathroom renovation

Okay onto bathrooms. Design is important in bathrooms as they’re usually quite small spaces yet need to cram a lot in. A spatial designer will once again be worth engaging as they create a fully functioning high use area for all the family. Add another bathroom to your property if you can too. Bathrooms add value to properties.

Bathrooms can swallow up lots of money so work out your budget and stick to it. One of the best tips you can get is on plumbing. Don’t move the plumbing work with where it is currently and it will save you a fortune. Small spaces like bathrooms need light so that means windows or a skylight and lighter colours. Mirrors will also make the room look larger than it is.

Make your home energy efficient

Energy efficient homes are in demand and it’s a big topic and focus for new builds and also for older properties undergoing refits. There are so many new advancements in energy saving systems it pays to read up on how you can integrate some measures that will add value to your property and also save you money. Include energy efficient windows (double glazed), LED lights, ideally solar panels and of course roof, wall and underfloor insulation. While taking this action may stretch the budget (a lot) it will end up paying for itself and cost less in ongoing utility usage like power, and heating.

Improve air quality

While you’re at it also consider air quality. Are the carpets in your home, concealing contaminants and allergens? You’re going through major upheaval with a renovation so checking out the air quality in your home and replacing materials that harm it just makes sense.

Once your renovation is complete you can focus on decorating it so remember to include a budget for this too. Your old furniture including sofas and chairs will probably look out of place. There’s no excuse necessary at this time to include a new lounge suite or at least an ergonomic cozy chair for relaxation. After all with renovation done, you’ve earned it!