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5 Things to Do with Your Stuff During Your Home Remodel

property in storage

You’ve taken on that spring remodel project and it’s going to mean removing all the stuff in that room and putting it somewhere until you’re done and ready to put it back. You certainly don’t want that stuff in the way of your other living space and it’s going to be an eyesore if you just put it all out on your front porch.

The project will probably only take a few months, then you’ll be able to sift through it and put back what you want. Here are five things you can do with your stuff during your home remodel.

1.    Rent a storage space

Sometimes the easiest way to store your stuff during your remodel is to put it in storage. Then you can use a truck or rent a U-Haul to move everything into the storage unit for a few months. Especially if you are doing a big multi-room remodel.

Do your research and make sure you’re not signing a contract for a year. You’re looking for month to month storage rentals. They will keep your stuff dry and safe. Many of them even have temperature and humidity-controlled units so you can set them to your desired level and make sure nothing gets damaged or warped. Storage units are relatively inexpensive, too.

2.    Consider using a POD

Another option is to use a POD storage unit. The company delivers the POD to your home and you fill it up. Then, if you like, they will take the POD and store it for you until you’re ready for it to be returned.

These are great alternatives for storage spaces because you don’t have to bring your stuff the unit. The unit comes to you and all you have to do is fill it up. They are much like a shipping cargo container. That’s where the idea of the POD came from in the first place. They were founded in 1998 by Peter Warhurst who built the first POD storage facility. He created a hydraulic lift system that would enable operators to store and pick out PODS at any time.

3.    Use your garage

If you’re considering saving even more money, you might want to use your garage as a storage place for the stuff during your remodel. If you don’t mind parking your cars outside for a while this is a good alternative and makes it easy for you to access anything you may need during the remodel.

If you are remodeling a bathroom, you may want to have access to the towels and cleaning supplies you stored there. The same with a master bedroom. If you need access to your clothes, you might consider using your garage for to store your stuff.

4.    Use the space in the room itself

If your remodel is small or is broken up into stages, you might consider moving the stuff in the room to the middle or one side while you work on the other side. Then once that area is complete, you can move everything back and work on the other side. This works well if you’re just repainting the walls of a room.

Be sure to cover everything, however so you don’t get dust, dirt, and paint splatter on anything. This can be difficult to maneuver around, however, and can be an inconvenience if you need to work inside the area. If you are remodeling a living room, you may still want to use an area to watch TV and entertain guests. So, moving stuff to one side can work in your favor.

5.    Use your spare bedroom

If you happen to have spare bedroom, you could put all the stuff from the room you’ll be remodeling into that spare bedroom. It would still be within reach if you need to access anything and because it’s rarely used you can store things there for a while. Be sure you’re not going to be receiving guests like family during a holiday, however.

This is great for longer periods of time and will help you keep all your belongings secure and climate controlled. If your remodeling your child’s bedroom, you could temporarily move them into the spare bedroom with their stuff and make it into a ‘camping’ experience. Kids will likely love the idea of staying somewhere different for a short period.


Remodeling can be very stressful and trying to find somewhere to store your stuff while you remodel can be a headache. These five tips will give help to make the best use of your storage, so you can concentrate on finishing the remodel without having to worry about where your stuff is and if it’s safe. Whether you choose to rent a storage space, POD, or use your own garage, you’ll be prepared by deciding which is best for you before you start.