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Getting Help To Build An Investment

When most people think about the idea of building an investment, they will be picturing their money sitting at the bank or being used by a business as a loan. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. In the world of property investment, you finally have the chance to physically design and build the […]

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property investor storm

A Perfect Storm For Property Investors

Property investors have been dealt a few nasty shocks over the past few years. First, there was the additional stamp duty for those buying properties for rent. This was swiftly followed by an unstable economic situation and expanding inflation, some — though not all — of which can be traced to the Brexit vote of […]

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Must Do Property Renovation Tips

Renovating your home will test your budget and your patience, so you’ll need to be well prepared and expect the unexpected to happen. Most renovations end up costing more and take longer to complete. Why? Well we change our minds on what we want during the project so to get it off to a good […]

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cleaning house

How to Clean Vinyl Cladding Effectively

Homeowners take various steps to protect their largest investment, their home. Exterior cladding takes the full force of the weather 24/7 and it needs maintenance. There are lots of different cladding materials including vinyl. It has the ‘look’ of wood without the rot/decay that always accompanies wood cladding.  In spite of the fact that cladding […]

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house by sea

Ban On Foreign Buyers Not The Answer

The New Zealand government has recently confirmed planned changes to the way in which homes in the country are bought and sold. These rule changes would mean foreign buyers would be banned from purchasing an existing home. The aim is to stop people buying up New Zealand housing stock unless they’re actually planning to live […]

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row of apartments

The Beauty Of The Pied-A-Terre

It’s a French phrase, but the pied-a-terre is something that is making a comeback. There was once a time that it was common for a wealthy business person to have an apartment in the city for during the week, and a pile in the countryside for the weekends and the family. Since the economic nosedive, […]

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Starting Out As A First-Time Buyer

Buying a home for the first time is one of the most common life goals you’ll find people have. In the modern world, this sort of venture has never been harder, though, and a lot of people struggle to get to this point. Money is the biggest factor, with homes costing a small fortune compared […]

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