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Picking the up-and-comers when buying a property in NZ

When buying any property – whether it is a first home or an investment property, you want to buy in suburbs which have the greatest potential and future growth prospects. As Auckland continues to grow and expand, suburbs which may have seen slow growth in the past are swiftly blossoming into the country’s hottest areas. […]

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6 Most Livable Cities That You Should See

When you think of moving abroad or buying an international rental property, you might review lists of the most livable cities in the world. The towns that top the list can help you narrow down where to make an investment. The details that make a city livable also make the town an ideal vacation destination. […]

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4 Ways Landscaping Increases Home Value

During the property hunt, homebuyers look for ways to personalise a property and that includes it’s exterior. Existing homeowners at some stage during their ownership and inhabitance of a property are also on the lookout for ways to add value and make better use of the property and it’s surrounds. Therefore in this article, we […]

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Your Guide to Buying and Renting Property in Spain

Buying a property and moving on over to Spain can either be a relatively straightforward experience, or it can be an absolute nightmare. Largely, it is down to the amount of research you put in before you make any final decisions. Things can go wrong and costs can spiral out of control if you are […]

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Grand Cayman

4 Benefits of Purchasing Residential Real Estate on Grand Cayman

If you intend to purchase residential real estate to live on Grand Cayman, there are many benefits to investing in homes on the island. Check out some of the best, which range from favorable tax laws to luxurious recreation options. 1. There Are Favorable Tax Laws One of the most beneficial reasons to purchase property […]

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creating checklist for selling own home

What To Consider Before Becoming A Property Owner

Owning a property sounds like fun at first, and it can be, but you should know it’s also an important undertaking that comes with a lot of responsibility on your part. It’s a wise idea to sit down and think it through before you fully commit and sign on the dotted line. You may indeed […]

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