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Smart Tips To Save On Kitchen Furniture

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The kitchen is the hub of the home and decorating, remodelling and renovating it plays a major role in our lives. So how much should we spend on a new kitchen?

A kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time not only cooking your meals but also sometimes entertaining you friends, and therefore giving it a refresh with modern cabinetry, flooring, good quality surfaces makes sense.

For most homeowners, we buy second hand i.e. the home was previously owned but we want to add our mark and make it a place that’s right for us. Remodelling your kitchen is the perfect room to update and there really is no limit to how much you can spend it. Therefore do your research, and make sure you have an adequate budget to get the job done.

There is no need to compromise on your requirements as long as you’ve done your homework and you have the funds to invest in the appropriate layout and kitchen furniture. If you want to personalise your kitchen you can purchase the furniture separately and you may prefer to mix it up. For example, the dining table, chairs, barstools, sideboard and cabinets can be replaced or redone with creative ideas from what is already available at hand or buying these things made of cost-effective material.

The major expense that goes into a kitchen is the cabinets. Try some do it yourself ideas. Instead of buying custom cabinets try out the ready to assemble ones which cost around half of the former.

Quality ready to assemble cabinets is available in a great selection of designs and finishes. All you need to do is assemble them. This cuts down on labour costs too. You also do not need cupboards along all the walls of your kitchen. Instead, try out some floating shelves and two or three base units and this should be sufficient to sort out your storage requirements.

However, depending on the volume of your kitchen gear, a few shelves at the right place will give a sense of openness, and your kitchen will look well decorated. You can also use box-style shelves which look like cabinets, but you do not need to spend on doors.

You can also make use of pegboard or perforated hardboard. It is a budget option and great for hanging up types of equipment. Just get one from a hardware store and add some colour to it by using water-resistant paint.

Use what is already available like doors of old cupboards to give a unique look to your kitchen. This look cannot be bought with money.

Look for kitchen furniture in shops selling second hand furniture especially if you are planning that your kitchen doubles up as a dining area.

Use barstools in place of chairs and use a countertop at the centre as your dining table. You can use it to work on while you cook and clear it out to serve your food on before your friends arrive.

Before you buy furniture for your new kitchen or remodel it keep the following in mind:

  • Plan out the decor.
  • Prepare your budget.
  • Check out on the must have.
  • Check online stores which offer discounts frequently.
  • Make as much use of what you are planning to discard.
  • Try DIY methods as far as possible.
  • Buy ready to assemble pieces.

What you want to avoid is commencing the remodel and running out of funds before you have a fully functioning kitchen. Hold off starting the project until you have purchased your appliances, and have the funds available plus a bit extra for the unforeseen incidents. Renovating existing spaces usually involves expecting the unexpected. For example, your electrical wiring and sockets may need a full replacement or the plumbing replaced. Your budget should have a ten per cent buffer for these unexpected incidents.