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7 Top Office Design Trends

office design

An office is a place where ideas are created; problems are resolved and a hub of many activities. Therefore, an office ought to be a suitable and work-friendly place. One of the ways to achieve it is identifying a favourable office design. Here are some of the top designs for the year 2018.

Going Green

green roofing

A biophilic design entails including the natural environment in the office. Green roofing, water features, nature-based wall office partitions and other options. Scientifically, a biophilic design has proven to enhance both physical and mental health. People connect well with nature. As a result, it inspires creativity and innovation.

Alternative Space

Space is a challenge for some companies, but this year, employers are embracing new solutions. A new design of utilizing alternative space will resolve the issue of limited space. For example, private rooms could be used for individual work. Similarly, collaborative areas can also be comfortable places for meetings. Alternative space will decrease office costs in states. For example, an affordable office space in North Carolina will be available to companies and individual businesses.

Open Space

Years ago, the open office design was established. Companies will increase the usage of open office design to curb space limitation. It utilizes unused space and increases communal areas. Employees will no longer be secluded in their traditional workspaces. They will be comfortable working in lounge pieces. Privacy will still be achieved by using panels and pods. Sometimes employees need to hide for concentration.

Dynamic Spaces

Change in the business environment is inevitable. Due to this fact, companies will introduce offices with dynamic design. This design offers continuous change when needed. The office space can be transformed according to the present need. For example, it can be changed into a meeting or conference room. This design welcomes innovation and creativity. Employees can implement their ideas as they wish.

Homestyle Comfort Design

Employers have understood that employees are most productive if the working environment is favorable. This design adopts a homely atmosphere for employees as they work. The design includes facilities such as fireplaces, showers, food places, etc. This design shows how employers value the well being of their employees.

Designing Using Cement

Offices designed with cement will increase in 2018. Cement is becoming popular in construction than in the previous years. Cement designs in offices are more appealing and give the office a permanent look. Due to it permanent nature,cement use may not give many opportunities of modification in case of future changes.

Unconventional design

Employers are encouraging their employees to contribute on how offices can improve their productivity. Some offices will begin to introduce relaxation places, allowing employees to bring personal items that will increase their satisfaction and happiness in the workplace. At the same time, each employee must respect the other colleague’s space.

Gone are the days where offices were just poorly planned places with dull environments. The year 2018 will bring new ideas of how to design pleasant offices that motivate employees and increase their productivity. They will also be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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