Revolutionize Your Office By Moving It Outside

meeting outsideThe traditional office space with its cubicles and gray carpets are so out of date. These days, companies are going for the kind of innovative workspaces that improve productivity and have a focus on relaxed working practices. These more flexible office spaces help employees to find their optimum way of working and get the most out of their days. While they might be pushing things forward, there are still ways that you can create an even more effective office space. An outside office is a pretty revolutionary idea and it can be incredibly beneficial if you get it right, especially for people that work from home. If you want to do away with the boring old office and head outside, here’s how to create the perfect garden office.

The Benefits Of Working Outside

There are plenty of different reasons why you should consider having an outside office. You’ll save a lot of energy by working in sunlight which makes your bills smaller and reduces your carbon footprint which is always good PR these days. Direct sunlight is also far better for concentration than artificial light so your employees are far less likely to make mistakes. Spending time outside is generally good for our health and people in the modern world spend far too much time inside. By moving your office outside, you can tackle that problem and shift the balance.

Where To Place It

Placing your outside office well is the key to making it successful. If you put it somewhere in the shade where it’s always dark, you won’t get all of the benefits of sunlight. It also doesn’t create a comfortable working environment for your employees. You need to find somewhere that is in direct sunlight for the majority of the working day. However, working all day in the glaring sun all day can get a bit much. You don’t want to risk your employees getting heatstroke so make sure you include a shaded area where they can get a little respite from the heat if it gets too much. You could also place it on the roof of your existing office building so employees can get up there for a change of pace if they want to.

You’re still going to need an inside space for printers and copiers etc. so make sure that your outside space is placed near enough that employees aren’t wasting time running back and forth. It also needs to be close enough so that they can still connect to the wifi from outside.

Plan For The Seasons

In the summer, your outside office isn’t going to run into too many issues, but when the winter comes, the weather will cause you problems. Working outside is still beneficial even in winter so you need to set up an outside space that they can use all year round. Get an aluminum canopy and create a covered area. Use glass walls so they still have the feeling of being outside, but they can still work out there in the rain. You’ll also need to throw some heaters in there otherwise it’ll be freezing, and that’s never good for motivation.

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