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Top Ways to Incorporate Cool Industrial Style to Your Property

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Industrial styling is a major trend that has flourished in the past few years. This innovative and stylish look is transforming properties from traditional interiors to contemporary spaces. Taking inspiration from industrial buildings and old warehouses, people are looking at innovative materials and design to incorporate into their home. This style can be integrated on several levels from small industrial inspired home furnishings to full-scale renovations. In the past, this type of building or interiors was mainly used for practicality and function, but this is now being mixed with style for an upmarket twist on vintage trends. This look blends an appreciation of mechanical ingenuity and unfinished style with a unique twist on accessories and furnishings. This interior trend is making waves, and it’s not hard to see why, so take a look at how you can incorporate it into your home with simple techniques and innovative designer influence.

Pair historic inspiration with contemporary looks

If you’re lucky enough to live in a building that has an abundance of historical influence, then transforming it into a modern space is a great way to revive its vibrant past. Old warehouses and loft spaces in city locations are perfect for creating this interesting interior design. The revitalization of older industrial properties makes way for ideas and innovation and can use plenty of its original features to expose its natural yet rugged beauty. Leaving bricks exposed, showcasing timber roof trusses and exposing steel columns while blending with modern elements such as stylish cable or glass railing gives an unobtrusive appearance so the original features can be enjoyed. For inspiring design and the chance to incorporate industrial design take a look at display homes Brisbane, to get a feel for the look of this unique interior trend.

Incorporate industrial colour palettes

Stripped back and rugged aesthetics is the main feature of the materials used in industrial trends. The unique colours created and different metal effects showcased offer a one of a kind appearance for the ultimate in individual style and creativity. Popular industrial colours to incorporate into your interiors include brushed steel, copper, cast iron and wrought iron. Each of these materials also creates its own special highlights for furniture, accessories and wall colourings. Rustic colours also present an intriguing yet warming element to this typically cold metal appearance and incorporating earthy tones, terracotta’s and warming oranges with splashes of exotic emerald also provide an interesting twist to this fashionable interior trend.

Industrial features

If your property doesn’t quite fit a full-scale industrial inspired renovation, there are also options to incorporate this trend into a smaller section of your interiors. Sometimes less is more, and if you live in a smaller property, incorporating grand ideas may actually swamp the room. There are some simple ways to get this much-loved new trend into your home with some clever detailing and architectural pieces. You could choose to introduce concrete flooring, which has a high gloss effect for maximum effect with a luxury touch. Other aesthetics could include introducing a fireplace with exposed brickwork and materials to make it look like an original element in the property.

Using effective lighting

As mentioned above, industrial themes can look colder and appear rugged in modern homes if not considered carefully. Lighting is a great way to warm the atmosphere in a property and breathe some life into the interior décor. Using lighting in darker spaces and lighting certain features in a room provides a focal point plus you can incorporate interesting trend inspired furnishings to add to this interesting area. The overall industrial style can also be incorporated into the light fittings, as there is a variety of low factory style pendants that looks fabulous over dining tables and kitchen islands and create an inviting and friendly social space.

Create a fluid on trend space

If you love outside living, transitioning your interior decor into your exterior areas is a great way to bring fluidity to the design. By its nature, industrial materials are built for the outside, and many metals are weather resistant and hardy against the elements. This appealing aesthetic for outside living spaces also works by adding modern elements to it. Matching exposed steel with cable or glass railing and decking creates a rustic design, charming and appealing in the Australian climate. If you have a larger garden or decking space, this unobtrusive view will create an open feel when you are both dining in your home and alfresco on a summer evening. The rawness of its appearance in outside environments fits perfectly into the space and creates a whole property aesthetic with simple yet sophisticated style.

Industrial styling for every budget

Incorporating this trend can range in price depending on how much renovation work you want to complete. Complete overhauls are ideal for people looking to totally refresh their home plus this looks particularly great in contemporary spaces or apartments. If you’re looking to refresh your décor with some smaller and more affordable changes, there’s plenty of options to choose from. Upcycling and recycling furniture is ideal for creating home furnishings with a unique twist. Not only do you get a one-of-a-kind piece but also you can style it exactly to your tastes. This creative side of home furnishings offers inspiration around every corner and gives you a chance to play with industrial features such as pulley inspired lighting, industrial casters for tables and exposed edges on fittings.

Industrial interior styling can be incorporated into your property in a number of different ways. Whether you are looking to completely change the look of the inside areas or want to feature snippets of this interesting style, there is something for everyone’s tastes and budgets. Trends do come and go so it is also important to think about how you might add other trends to this aesthetic to fit in with future styles. It is also good to get an idea of if you want to sell in the future, you may only open your property to a subset of the market due to its unique appeal. Whatever you choose, it’s certainly a trend that’ll be sticking around for a while.