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Flooring Types That Add The Most Value To A Property

residential property flooring types

All property owners are joined by a desire to maximise the value of their assets. While there is an almost endless list of ways to do this, both inside and outside your property, there is no doubt that making the right flooring choices should be top of the agenda. After all, these set the aesthetic foundations of individual rooms and can impact a host of features including insulation.

As such, their value is about far more than financial elements. Still, if you wish to get the most out of the property in this manner, flooring is a great starting point. The best options, however, are largely dictated by the circumstances. Here’s all you need to know.


As a homeowner, you want the property to feel homely and personal. However, you want to keep an eye on the price too. This is one area of the home where you get what you pay for, and embracing the latest innovations will work wonders. Coloured concrete is a great option for kitchens and hallways. When coupled with underfloor heating, the home gains a wow factor for you as well as future potential buyers.

The options are near endless as 3D resin floors can be enhanced with digital graphics and images for a sense of personalisation. Ceramics and porcelain tiles offer great customisation while it’s easier to replace one broken tile too. Stain resistant laminates also offer a cheap solution that replicates the wood look. These can be easily restored when a section becomes damaged. If carpets are used, a thicker premium solution is for the best.

High-End Properties

When living in a luxury property, the flooring choices can have a huge impact on the aesthetic and value. To bring the wow factor to your home, it’s imperative that the right materials are selected. Marble flooring is a particularly popular option for a stunning sense of grandeur. Alternative stone materials can be utilised too. In any case, the light colour schemes can make the home look even bigger.

High-quality solid hardwood and engineered high wood can work wonders too. Like marble and stone, they can be quite expensive. However, the durability, easy maintenance and bolstered property value make it a worthy investment. Just remember that they can shrink and expand throughout the year.

Buy-to-Let Investors

With a buy-to-let property, or fix-and-flip do-upper, you want to achieve a result that maximises the appeal to tenants without costing huge amounts. In truth, you’ll probably want to avoid the expensive hardwoods. Vinyl and laminates can be a good alternative as you gain some of the aesthetic beauty and, crucially, maintain a sense of durability.

Carpets are another option despite being low-yielding and potentially less durable. However, you’ll want to choose a solution with good synthetics like nylon and polyester while a darker colour is usually advised. After all, you don’t want the tenants to ruin it. You may replace before coming to sell, but won’t wish to do so when switching tenants. A solution that will last is key.

The Final Word

For the floors to create the desired results, they need to be supported by the right surroundings. Still, get this feature right, and it will set the right tone for your enjoyment as well as do wonders for the property’s value.