Buy The Right Land And You Could Be Buying Your Dreams

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When people imagine what their dream property purchase is, they tend to follow the herd a bit. They tend to imagine themselves living in a penthouse apartment in a major city, or in a mansion in Beverly Hills, or in a beach pad, or on a lake, perhaps even owning their own private island. Most, if not all, of these dreams, will remain dreams. They are unattainable for those that have never been a member of One Direction. However, there is another route that too often flies below the dream real estate radar; land.

If you own land, then you have options. The question is, how can land help you realize your property dreams?

Build Your Own Property

Anyone with an interest in owning their perfect home has, at some point, imagined pulling on a hard hat and building their own home. Something to their specifications, to their wants and needs, and that is what land offers. Yes, there are hoops to jump through, but you will have the chance to get creative and the chance to reap hugely lucrative rewards. The biggest hurdle is, of course, obtaining planning on vacant land, but with the right team, and the right vision, this is one of those things that can be overcome. Just work out what the benefits of a development could be and use that as your angle when looking to build.

A Little (Or Large) Slice Of Luxury

Owning a land that is considered desirable is a great way to hit it big time. It could have been a clever investment, it could have been inherited, it could have landed in your hands any which way, the point is, why not share what you have in exchange for financial reward. Desirable means high prices. It could be that you are like a living George Clooney in The Descendants and have inherited a slice of Hawaii and, having spoken to the pros at, you want to sell what you have for a profit. It could be you want to partner up and build a retreat full of vacation bungalows or see space for an idyllic resort. Of course, we realize these are ideas of grandeur, so why not use your land to create a glamorous campsite; yurts, teepees, bell-tents, that sort of thing. Desirable land will always command a price no matter what you use it for.

Vacant Land Is Still Usable Land

One of the amazing benefits of vacant land, as we have established, is the options, and you have the option to use your land. It could be farming that you have had your eye on, or know someone who would rent your land for farming. Grazing, asparagus, crops, anything really. It is a great way of making a hassle free earning. It could even be the perfect place to launch a vineyard. Of course, you don’t have to go down the farming route to command use, as you will see from this extensive list by It could be that you use your land sustainably, and partner up with an energy firm. Perhaps there are high winds there or a lot of sun. Whatever it is, you can use this as a way to reach your dreams. It is just a matter of doing what is most suited to you and your land.

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