Calling Cash Buyers: Where Are You?

cash in boxThere is only one way to sell a property these days, or so it seems. Unfortunately, everything has to go through the bank or a private lender before you can get the deal over the line. For those of you that want to sell as quickly as possible, this can be a big stumbling block. To sell up ASAP, you need a cash buyer with enough funds to take the house off of your hands. Finding these types of buyers isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible.

Below are the tricks that will help you find your cash buyer. Be careful, though, because they’re a rare breed.

Go Through Your Realtor

The odds are high that you have a professional helping you out in your time of need. Good call because brokers could find Moses in a burning bush if you paid them enough money. That means they can help you find a cash buyer, but you have to let them in on the secret. With their contacts, they should be able to locate buyers in the area and get the ball rolling. At the very least, they will advertise your desire for people with cash to come forward. As long as you have a good estate agent, finding a cash-wealthy customer shouldn’t be too difficult.

Attend An Auction

Now, an auction might send shivers down your spine like it does every other property owner. In the past, auctions have been the graveyard of real estate hopes and dreams, which explains the goose bumps. However, an auction can also be a place of hope. Simply put, there are hundreds of buyers all strapped with cash and ready to pull the trigger. As such, there is no shortage of potential buyers. Okay, so the process is a gamble, but it doesn’t have to be if you get creative. All you have to do is watch proceedings, and then approach a buyer and deal with them privately.

Use A Buying Company

Like all smart entrepreneurs, the people that own these businesses saw a niche took their opportunity. Nowadays, they are cleaning up and taking properties left, right and center. Cash PDX is just one firm that you might have heard about, yet they are thousands of others. And, they are all willing to make a cash offer on your property. Like an auction, the estimate might be on the low side, but you can use the competition to start a bidding war. The only thing you need to find out is whether they are trustworthy.

Money Pools

The likelihood of one buyer having the capital to buy a property is unlikely. Still, who says you have to accept an offer from a single individual? There are people out there that are willing pool their money together to make an offer, and you shouldn’t dismiss them out of hand. Okay, it isn’t conventional, but it isn’t entirely new. As long as you inform your attorney, everything will be legitimate on your side.

See, cash buyers aren’t extinct.

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