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Why You Should Make Basic Repairs Before Decorating Your Kitchen


It is always a dilemma deciding what to repair and what to replace before doing any kind of redecorating or renovation project in your home. This is especially true when it comes to the kitchen. Some repairs can be made easily, and some take a bit more thought and work. If you are in the midst of remodelling your kitchen, think first before starting work. If there are any basic repairs which need to be made, do them first. If not, you may mark your lovely new kitchen that you’ve worked so hard to decorate.

Plumbing Should Always Be Repaired First

Unless you are hiring a licenced plumber, the plumbing should always be first on your list. Think for a moment what would happen if in the midst of repairing a pipe or a tap, a line should burst, and you’ve just installed a new floor. All that water can lift tiling or stain hardwood and you would have spent all that time, money and effort only to have your new floor ruined. From leaky taps that can lift edges of countertops to water leaks in the copper tubing going into your icemaker on the refrigerator, it’s vital that you see to all drains, taps and pipes prior to starting your decorating/renovation project in your kitchen.

Appliance Are High on the List

Although you would love to get all new appliances, it isn’t always necessary. Also, after spending copious amounts of money on replacing windows for energy efficient alternatives and new doors for the very same reason, you may not have the money leftover to buy new kitchen appliances. In order to determine which will serve you well until you’ve replenished your savings, it’s best to repair what you can to save money to be used on your kitchen decorating project.

Also, many homes have added laundry areas in kitchens. When the home was built, a separate laundry room wasn’t planned and so to accommodate your laundry needs, you might have a laundry nook installed off to a side. Several manufacturers still build machines to last and if you can repair them to serve you another five to ten years, all the better. For example, Hotpoint washing machine repairs are well worth the money. These machines have a long tradition of quality craftsmanship and can last for decades. It could be something as simple as a burst hose or an easy-to-replace switch. Why buy a new machine if yours will serve you nicely for years to come?

Flooring Is a Major Consideration

Finally, take a good look at your floor. You know you need a new one but at the moment, it’s cost is prohibitive for the type of marble tiles you would like to install. Why not make repairs or seal down the linoleum prior to starting your kitchen decorating project? This will save you money for other repairs and additions you would like to build. The key is to decorate and renovate only what must be done and in order of importance.

Do all the repairs you can first so that you don’t damage, scratch or gouge anything which you’ve just decorated. Put your appliances back where they belong before painting or redoing the flooring in your kitchen. Too many homeowners find that what they believed needed to be replaced could simply be repaired. Take that money you would have spent on new appliances and begin in the dining room or den. The more money you can save in your kitchen decorating project, the more money you can put elsewhere in the home. It’s simple logic to save what you can so that you can have more to spend on other projects and replacements.