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Three Space Saving Bed Ideas For Small Apartments


Between 1996-2014 the size of the average apartment in Toronto decreased by 20%, despite the fact that there was still an average of three people living there. With real estate being at a premium in the city, property developers are simply building smaller spaces for us to live in. This means that we need to be more inventive with how we utilise the space that we have. Here are some great ideas for space saving beds for small apartments.

Mid-sleepers and high-sleepers

Cabin mid-sleepers are perfect for a small bedroom because the area underneath can be used for storage. Many models also have stairs that incorporate drawers that you can use to store clothing. They come in both single and double size and are built for adults as well as children. High-sleepers have the added advantage that you can use the space underneath for a small office area if it has a built-in desk. You can also purchase high-sleepers that have a sofa bed underneath, in case you have guests.

Foldaway integrated wall beds

Integrated wall beds are ingenious if you want to make the most of your space. The storage area that is essentially underneath the bed can be used to keep clothes, books, and personal possessions. Alternatively, there are some wall beds that are designed with the storage area behind the head of the bed, and when the bed folds up to the wall, it is accommodated in front of the storage. This bed setup is ideal if you want to use the area for hanging space. With a wall bed, a supportive memory foam or hybrid mattress is a good choice, as they are lighter than fully coil sprung mattresses. In reviews, they compare dreamcloud, a hybrid memory foam and coil mattress, to other products and find that it is more supportive for a good night’s sleep – certainly suitable for use with a wall bed.

Divan storage beds

The divan bed is the classic choice for a small apartment if you want to store items underneath it that you use infrequently, such as spare duvet and pillow covers, blankets, and winter clothing. The added advantage to a divan base, rather than a standard bed, is that your possessions are hidden away underneath it. Perfect if you’re not always tidy.

Your bed isn’t just somewhere to sleep, but can also include valuable storage space if you live in a small apartment. With the right mattress, you don’t have to compromise on comfort either.