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How To: The Modern Rustic Home

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It’s frequently said that if you want to be happy, live a simple life. Well, we can’t really always get the quiet country lifestyle we want, but what we can do, is get that rural feel in our own homes. There are steps you can take to get  that simple, relaxing home environment that so many people crave.

The city is a fast-paced world. The daily grind is apt to keep anyone on their toes constantly and well, when we get home, wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to be able to “step into a different world”? One where time seems to slow down, even if it’s just because of the work that went into the decor?

Well, here are some of the ways in which you can turn your home from a city-life clone into one that’s geared toward one theme-slowing you down and letting you take a breather once in a while.

First Things First

Wooden accents, as well as wooden centerpieces should be emphasized in your design. Like a well-framed photograph, you need to carefully set your intended background. One useful tip is to use a storage vault service. Search for storage units in Glasgow, or do a google search in your local area as an effective way to temporarily relocate your things while you do your renovation.

This helps you in two major ways: You not only protect your possessions from theft and damage, but you also clear the workspace without sacrificing any of the other rooms during the process. Think of your workspace as a painter’s canvas. It needs to be empty for you to be able to truly shape it into what you want it to be.

Like a canvas, there aren’t many colors that can ever match white as the backdrop. This is because white allows you to paint and design as you please without the fear of ending up with clashing colors. This should be the concept to keep in mind, but you can most definitely switch things up by choosing a different type of wood, or by moving from a lighter shade to a darker shade.

Incorporate wooden elements into your ceiling, your floor, and even your lighting (a wooden chandelier maybe, like a hanging block of wood). The more natural-looking, the better. For your wooden flooring, search for the cheapest flooring materials you can get while still maintaining quality. You want to have as much as you can for the next steps.

Add Furniture

Adding furniture is a rather simple process that requires you to, well, add furniture. Wooden seats, a wooden table, wooden bookshelves and more will all add contrast to the white paint you’ve already put in place.

While you don’t necessarily have to match the shade of wood of each piece of your furniture, it would be imperative if you want that modern, yet rustic look. There’s a certain sense of order in matching the wood type across your furniture. This photo is an excellent example of this principle:


Up to this point, we’ve only dealt with two colors, white and whichever shade of wood you chose. To complete the modern rustic look, you’re going to want to add plants into your overall design. A touch of green in a sea of brown and white. This not only adds variety to your color choices, but it from a psychological standpoint, it makes you, and your guests feel good.