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5 Tips For Securing Your Home When Your Away

home robbery

The most common threat to our homes is burglaries and most occur during Summer. Is it a coincidence that most people take their vacations during Summer? Probably not! So returning home find valuables gone and your property un-secure is unsettling at best and for many of us very frightening.

What can you do to keep your property safe and secure? Here are five tips:

Secure Doors and Windows

Start with the entry points to your home. Windows and doors. Replace poorly constructed doors.

An ideal door should be one inch thick, made of metal or hardwood, and strong enough that no one can break it down. However it’s not just the door the hinges and locks must also be of sturdy stuff and the doors and locks installed correctly.

Also secure your garage door because it is an easy option for intruders to get into your house or if it’s detached it’s likely to have a car or two and expensive tools or sports equipment that you’d rather not have to replace.

Turn your attention to all the windows. Whether your windows are double-hung, casement or jalousie ensure your windows are burglar proof. Where viable install window stays that restrict the full opening and also window locks

Install a Home Security System

Home security systems are not just for the paranoid. They are a proven deterrent and that’s half the battle won as most break-ins are opportunistic. Here are some interesting statistics on home intrusions and burglary facts in USA from home security systems specialists: Safeguard The World.

Security systems have all the bells and whistles, with sensors on windows, doors and other spaces indoors and outside the home.

There’s also the mobile app to see what is happening in your home in real-time, sounds perfect however don’t get too distracted with the app when you’re supposed to be enjoying your time away from your home!

Ask Your Neighbour, Friend or Family Visit Your Home

You can ask a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor to keep an eye on your house when away, and not from afar they should go into the house (ideally) put the lights on etc, it shows the home is being watched and not always vacant.

Plus remove the mail etc from the mailbox and any newspapers piled in the driveway which are conspicuous signs that you are not home and the opportunistic robber may take advantage of this as sign your home is ripe for the picking.

Install Timers on your Electronics

A good giveaway that you are not at home is a dark house at night for a week or more. You can use timers to turn your lights and other electronics on and off at certain times of the day to signal that someone is at home.


You can use timers on TVs and radios to create noise and flickering lights and give the impression that you are in. There are other smart home systems you can you too.

Practice Internet Security

Never post on social media that you will be away whether for vacation, travel, or any other business. It may be tempting to tell the world that you are off for your dream vacation but it broadcasts that you are not home and your house is ripe for breaking in.

Burglars use social media to track their victims and know when they will be away and for how long. The same applies to posting the selfies on social media showing you and the family aboard.

In summary, whether you are away from home for a week or a year, let your monitoring company know you’re not home. Check your windows, doors, tell a neighbour and don’t post on social media.