Smart Home Gadgets: 5 Must-Have Devices for a Modern House

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Although the idea of a smart home is still evolving, there are plenty of tech tools at our disposal to turn our homes into smarter learning machines. From ‘smart’ thermostats to ‘smart’ speakers, there’s barely a limit to what you can incorporate into your daily life at home.

In this article, we will be going over the top five home gadgets we found that can benefit you and your modern house, transforming it into a smart house for the modern family.

1. Ecobee3 Smarter Wifi Thermostat

Although the smart Nest thermostats are popularly trending, the Ecobee3 Wifi Thermostat is not only better but also faster and smarter than your average thermostat.

Naturally, the Nest and the Ecobee3 are fairly similar, with nearly the exact advantages, features, and preferences. Plus, they are clearly more capable of your ordinary plastic thermostats that your home may already have. Not only they can help you save energy, but can help pay back energy costs that you spent on the device itself. Plus, you can control it simultaneously from your phone, tablet, or laptop with ease.

However, if you have a larger home, this is where things start changing between the two devices, Nest and Ecobee3. On one hand, the Ecobee3 is much easier to manage a larger house with more family members, whereas the Nest is really only good for smaller homes where you’ll only need one of their devices.

Although the Ecobee may not have as much as a vibrant display as Nest, it still has a larger display and is touch-capable, which is easier to see local weather, set new passwords, browse settings and many other things.

2. Electric Fireplace

Who hasn’t always wanted a fireplace in their homes? Unfortunately, only the lucky few have houses with real, wood-burning fireplaces.

Thanks to new technologies, however, anyone can have a fireplace in their homes. A contemporary electric fireplace would make a perfect addition to any home. They are not only functional but they are also incredibly stylish. These fireplaces can add a touch of style to any room with their modern and rustic look.

Plus, they function like real fireplaces, meaning you can use them to heat your home in the winter. This will not only make your home feel cozy, but it can also save you money on your electric bill. What more could a person ask for?

3. Nest Protect

Just like the Nest Thermostat, the Nest Protect is a smart home gadget that can help protect you and your home. The devices that come with the Nest Protect include both a smoke and carbon monoxide detector that can speak to you and send alerts in a friendly manner.

For example, if something is wrong in your home, instead of alerting the entire neighborhood with annoyingly loud sirens, it will either send you a text or talk to you in your home, alerting you that something is wrong.

Plus, it also offers a path light that turns on a handy light if it notices that you are walking around the device in the dark. Additionally, you can easily disconnect the system via their mobile app, rather than finding your tallest chair and fully removing the device while beeping crazily at you.

4. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is not just a juiced-up Bluetooth speaker, it is so much more than a simple music player! Ideally, it serves as your very own digital assistant that can offer you the local news, weather, alarm setting, and virtual friend. However, it can also be used as an exterior speaker for your favorite tunes!

In addition, you’ll be surprised how many updates Amazon has done so far to their nifty personal assistant speakers! Now, they are both simpler and easier to use and integrate into your smart home. From turning off your lights to powering on your TV, the Amazon Echo can do it all. This is why they are the most popular device of their kind.

5. Roomba 980

Roombas are not uncommon in the smart home market, but new updates to the small robotic cleaner have made it more effective. The Roomba 980 is capable to scheduling house cleaning, and can even start cleaning when you’re out running errands. It’s no surprise that this high tech autonomous cleaning robot is expensive, but makes cleaning a whole lot easier for those with tight schedules.


With these nifty home gadgets, you can bring your home into the 21st century and add a decorative flair to boot. Whether you are thinking of adding a high-tech home security system, an automatic vacuum, or an electric fireplace, you will not be disappointed by the modernity they will bring. This article was contributed by Alex Moore from Best Electric Fireplaces.

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