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Painting Your Way To a Sale: 5 Best Paint Colors to Sell a Home Fast

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Selling a home is a complicated process. You can do everything right, all the way up to closing a sale and for some reason, the potential buyer backs out.

From personal preference to general look and feel, there are a number of subtle factors that can greatly affect whether a person will buy a house. One of those factors is the color of the paint, and whether your paint job is fresh.

Paint colors have a huge effect on how we perceive rooms and spaces, so it’s important that those who are selling a house are cognizant of the colors they choose.

5 Paint Colors to Use When Selling a House

Color psychology is the study of the way that certain hues affect the way we feel. There’s significant research to show that colors do have distinct effects on the way we perceive things and that research can come in very useful when it comes to selling things and creating experiences.

The following colors are ones that are options if you’re trying to create a house that people will want to buy. You’ll notice that they are specific to certain parts of the home because no home should have a monotonous color scheme.

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1. The Entrance: Navy Blue

Consider painting your front door navy blue. When paired with accessories of the same color in the foyer or area in front of the door, the feeling will be one of class and taste.

It’s also a generally calming color, as most deep blue shades are. This will set the tone for a high-quality experience, as the customers will have the immediate idea that the house is stylish.

2. Kitchen and Dining: Light Blues and Grays

The light blues and grays in your dining room will give off the subtle idea of cleanliness, sterility, and health. You can offset the color of your walls and cabinets with vibrant fruits that will pop extremely well.

The home selling website Zillow reports that houses that had a light gray-blue kitchen sold for more than 1800 more than other homes.

3. Living Rooms and Common Areas: Earth Tones

Warm browns and deep greens are great options for living rooms. These are spaces that are designed to be intimate, comfortable, and suitable for a person to feel at home.

Earth tones, for one reason or another, are excellent to prompt those feelings. Buyers will imagine their future families cuddling up and watching movies in the comfort of their intimate living room.


4. Master Bedroom: Lively Blues

An eclectic mix of light and dark blues in the bedroom has shown to have a positive effect on buyers. Why this is the case, we can’t say. At the same time, the same report from Zillow stated that homes sold for almost 2,000 more when the bedroom was decorated this way.

5. Bathroom: Pale Tones

Pale blues, greens, and yellows are all great choices for the bathroom. Easter tones, for some reason, are really appealing to people buying homes.

Offset the pale tones with flowers, darker wash towels, and shower curtains.

Interested in Learning More?

Paint colors are essential to sealing the deal with buyers. At the same time, there are a lot of other elements when dealing with selling and maintaining a home.

If you want to learn more about issues with homes and how to deal with them, we have the information you need.