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How To Increase Your Home’s Resale Value Without Mortgaging Your Future


Planning to put your home up for sale? Make sure you maximize the equity you’ve worked so long to build. Although a large-scale remodeling project will boost the value, it can also break the bank. Don’t spend thousands on major improvements – contact a home builder to prep your home for the marketplace.

Simple and low-budget improvements return large rewards at selling time. A few hundred dollars pays off in boosted value.

Kitchen Facelift

As the heart of the home, a kitchen stuck in a timewarp will need some updating. New cabinets and appliances come with a healthy price tag. Consider inexpensive cosmetic changes.

Painting cabinets a neutral color will cover nicks and scratches without spending a ton of money. Swap old hardware with new pulls to freshen the kitchen and add interest.  A durable epoxy designed for appliances gives a new look to ancient stoves and fridges.

Bathroom Spiff-Up

The bathroom is as important as the kitchen when it comes time to sell. If you can’t afford a complete makeover, there is still a lot which can be done. Replacing the old fixtures is inexpensive while improving the look.  Fresh paint and new towels are cheap fixes but spiff up the bathroom. Try a little scrubbing on that dingy shower and ugly floor tiles. They can look like new just for the cost of a little elbow grease.

Get Rid of Clutter

As buyers walk through a house, they try to visualize living there. In a home full of clutter, buyers are distracted and can’t imagine where their things will fit. Get rid of unnecessary items so buyers can picture what it is you’re selling, as well as how their possessions will fit. Decluttering also builds the illusion of being spacious.

Let the Sunshine In

1970s light fixtures and poor lighting take attention from attractive features. New fixtures can cost as little as $100 and give a modern feel while drawing buyers’ focus on the best attributes. Don’t forget to trade out old bulbs for ones with a brighter wattage. Buyers need to see each of the home’s highlights as they walk through, and dim lighting may make them miss out on key selling points.

Remember the Outdoors

First impressions never get a do-over. Many buyers feel what the outside looks like is just as important as the inside. Landscaping that is reduced to a patch of dead grass and overgrown shrubs will turn down the curb appeal. Easy tasks like cutting the grass, raking leaves and trimming hedges all contribute to making the home more attractive – a nicer first impression.

The Takeaway

Not only will simple fixes increase your home’s value, they could be the difference between selling quickly or watching your house spend months on the market. More inexpensive fixes can be found at Aveling Homes, a Perth award winning home builder.