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How To Get Your House Summer Ready

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The run-up to summer is exhilarating, and you’re eagerly awaiting to feel the warmth of the sun on your back and enjoying the long evenings spent wearing only a light layer. You’ve likely taken some time to get your body summer ready by way of eating more healthily and getting fit at the gym, so it’s time to turn your attention to getting your home summer ready as well. As summer rolls around, you start to feel increasingly more energized and wanting to start anew and freshen your living space up. Getting your house summer ready needn’t be challenging, it should be an activity and process that you enjoy as summer approaches.

Freshen The Air

Add to the ambiance of your home and make sure the air rushing through is clean and clear. When summer arrives and brings the heat of the midday sun with it, you’ll be relying on opening the window to cool down. Having a new ventilation fan can help you welcome in the fresh air and begin breathing life back into your home after a long and dark winter, this company can help you to cool down your home in the advent of summer. For safety precautions, make sure to remember to close these windows as you leave your house.

Create A Reading Space Beside The Window

Summer is the time of year to get out and about outside and enjoying the scenery around you. As blissful as summer is, it can surprise you with rainy days. It’s not always feasible to leave the house every day during the summer months, so make sure you’ve switched up your interior design a little bit and make a reading, or quiet space by the window. You’ve probably enjoyed a cozy space by the fire over the course of winter, but now it’s time to gravitate towards the natural light and set up a comfortable seating area by the window.


Get inspired to remove all the clutter from your home before summer so that you can enjoy a clean and clear living space. You’re probably thinking of having friends over for dinner and BBQ’s frequently over the summer, so prepare the area and make sure it looks sleek and fresh without piles of miscellaneous papers and boxes and trinkets. Anything that does not hold value or worth to you should go out with the rest of the rubbish. Look around your home, and if you cannot think of a reasonable explanation for having something in your home; bin it. Remove items that are broken or damaged and get them replaced. Having said this, if these items still have some life in them yet, then consider donating them to charity. After all, as the idiom goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Think before you contribute to landfill sites and do your bit to recycle and reuse.

Open Up The Patio Doors

Just as you should create an inside space for quiet and relaxation, think about doing the same for your garden space. You’ll be spending your evenings at home and enjoying the light evenings, so invest in a outdoor seating area and don’t forget to purchase one with a parasol. Make sure you have somewhere to escape from the heat when you get too hot in the sun’s rays and avoid burning by liberally applying sun cream every fifteen to thirty minutes. Open up your patio doors during the day to allow for ventilation and to create a space leading from the inside and out into the bright day. Your patio space is perfect for having a table and chairs and a BBQ set, as well as standing pots and plants. Make the very most of the space you have and relay some tiles if they show signs of wear or have become unstable and unsteady during winter.

Add Flowers And Plants

Brighten up your home and inject a splash of color and radiance here and there. You can do this by placing flowers and plants in full bloom around your house. You can also use foliage to detract attention away from any problem areas in your home, such as tiles that need regrouting. Flowers and plants also assist to oxygenate your home and absorb harmful carbon monoxide found in the air. Bring in the summer by adding a rose bush to your garden and add a series of potted plants alongside your windowsill; both in and out. You cannot go too wrong by adding flowers and plants to your home. Remember to find out how often each plant required water and don’t leave them parched in the sun otherwise they’ll soon die. If you’ve a history of plant negligence and regretting to pay them their due attention, then you’ll be best to stick with cacti and small succulents.

Lay A New Lawn

Invest in your garden and make it appear fresh and full of life this summer. Think about re-landscaping to include a pond or small water feature if you’ve got the time and the money. A feature such as this will help to make your garden feel serene and bring a soothing touch by way of the trickling sound of running water. A new lawn will allow your kids a soft space to play around on. The winter and cold frosts wreak havoc with lawns and can make the ground hard and tough. Lay a new lawn to make sure all ages can enjoy the garden this summer. You’ll be able to walk barefoot across your lawn without risk on standing on stones too.

Seal Up Cracks

Winter can leave behind signs of wear and tear as cold temperatures compromise the structural integrity of your flooring, your doors and your window frames. Such drops in temperatures can lead to cracks and holes appearing in places they shouldn’t be. This allows small insects free to attempt to roam your house and explore using, what’s as good as door with a welcome sign upon it. Get your house summer ready for you and keep the creepy crawlies out by getting hold of polyfiller and mix plaster and begin sealing up the small crevices.