How to Enjoy a Pest-Free Summer in your Family Garden

girl reading bookWith us now spending more time in the garden with our families, as we enjoy the warmer months, those of us with small children will know that is not always as relaxing as it sounds.

Our gardens can be a minefield of insects that can pose potential problems for small children which can mean garden time with children can sometimes be a stressful time for parents. With that in mind we have created a list of to-do’s to ensure that you are taking all the necessary safety measures to ensure your kids are safe from the troublesome insects in your garden, meaning that you can spend less time worrying and more time relaxing.

Bug Control

Some gardens have a bigger problem than others depending on the types of plants, trees and grass you have in your outdoor space. Long grass in humid areas are a breeding ground for ticks, which can cause major problems, therefore you will want to keep long overgrown grass trim and cut down to a minimum. It’s worth noting that a lot of plants and flowers inside your house, in areas like conservatories, can also bring in a lot of pests, so these problems can also seep inside your home if you are not careful.

Some plants can naturally attract other insects that can create problems for little ones so you will want to look into the safest garden plants for family gardens. If you have an infestation of bugs then you may need to contact a property maintenance specialist that deals in pet control. Property pest Control specialists will not only be able to eradicate an infestation of unwanted bugs but they will also be able to advise you on the plants and flowers that will probably have attracted them in the first place, meaning you can prevent future infestations.

Wasps and Bees

Spending family time in the garden obviously means it is unavoidable that we are going to be surrounded by lots of different kinds of bugs. Of course most of them don’t pose a threat and they can be a positive element to your garden as they prove to be a great source of fascination and exploration for our kids. We do need to be aware, however, of those that do pose a threat to the safety of our children, so that we have remedies and medicine immediately available should any of our children come into contact with any of the more troublesome ones.

Bees and wasps are famous for their painful sting and are one of the most common problems in our gardens. Although the sting can be painful, most of the time it is not serious. There are, however, some children that are allergic, which can pose a very dangerous situation if parents are not prepared. Getting your children tested for allergies is the best way to handle any insect allergies. If your child is positive to those allergies then you can make sure you have the correct medication, close by, should they ever get stung.

Insect Repellant

If you live in an area where you have a problem with insects, such as mosquitos, and other stinging insects you will want to make sure you are covering your kids with a good, but non toxic insect repellent. Be careful to avoid strong beet sprays as they can be far too powerful on children’s skin so click here for the best child friendly mosquito repellent sprays.

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