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Five Tips on How to Use Self-Storage When Moving House

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Moving house is undoubtedly one of the most stressful experiences, yet when you’re well prepared and organised it can be straightforward and maybe even enjoyable! During the whole moving house process, you may find it necessary to put some of your possessions into storage. So making the most of self-storage facilities can lighten the burden. Storing larger objects before the ‘move day’ will also make the transition day more comfortable. Plus it will allow you to Settle into your new home and tackle some cosmetic renovation before filling the property up with all your worldly possessions. Here are five key tips from the experts to help you prepare for a home move especially if you’re also putting items into self-storage on move day:

Keep Personal Valuables & Documents Close

Always keep personal documents on your persons or if they’re not that valuable keep them in a bag that the movers know is not going into storage. Organisation is key to success and none more so than moving when there are hundreds of items and documents to take care of. The last thing you want to be doing is rummaging through countless boxes to find a document that could have been put in a folder and easily found in seconds! This happens during home removals so often and it’s painful to witness, so make sure you don’t fall into the trap of leaving anything important in an unmarked box.


Packing certain items is easy. Throw item in box, throw box in to bigger box. Job done. But certain items can be seen as storage spaces themselves. Most items that you hold in a drawer can afford to be kept in the drawer as it goes in to the container. This way you’re saving yourself a lot of time and effort instead of packing and unpacking items for no reason.

Clearly Mark Boxes Not Going Into Storage

All of your clothes and personal items should be boxed up and put into a room clearly marked with ‘PERSONAL ITEMS – NOT FOR STORAGE’. Therefore, there is no reason for anyone to enter that room and try to load your items into the storage van. Don’t make the mistake of saying “it’s all to go” when there are items around you want with you and in your new home immediately.

Keep a list

This should go without saying. Lists are one of the most important things on moving day (besides the items themselves). The removal company will make an inventory of everything. But it’s up to you to make note of what you put in each box (that you should have numbered). This makes things ten times easier to find if you’re in a rush and urgently need one of your items.

On moving day keep walkways clear

Organisation springs to mind once again especially when it comes to where items are held in the house for removal on moving day. Keep all corridors and walk ways free of all items. Time will be less when it’s easy to navigate the home to find and transport boxes and items to the removal vans.

If you make sure that you keep to these five tips whilst taking advantage of self-storage when moving house, you will definitely make the process a whole lot smoother. Moving house doesn’t have to be stressful and the whole process is what you make it. Using aids like self-storage facilities and making sure you hire a professional removals company is a great way to ease your stress

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