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Top Tips For Moving House On A Budget

moving house

When it comes to moving home, the costs associated with getting your belongings from A to B can be hefty.

Everything from your boxes to the removal company you choose could put a hole in your bank account and for most, finding a cheaper alternative could be an integral part of the entire process.

Through planning carefully in advance, taking out insurance on your belongings, using your own car and even asking for a bit of help, you can save money when it’s needed most.

Here, we’re exploring the above tips in more depth:

Plan In Advance

Planning is everything, and you need to plan everything. Checklists, planners, calendars and more can all keep you on time, up to date and at far less risk of stress, but it can also make sure that you don’t forget anything, reduce risk of loss or breakage from an unorganised home, and by booking removal services in advance, you could even save a lot of money in that respect.

Similarly, planning can ensure that you’re not buying too many or too few packing materials that may just end up wasted, or over-stretched.

Consider Insuring Your Possessions

Before you move, you could look into insuring your possessions for the journey. Breakages happen and while you’re likely to lose something in the move, a broken plate is far more easily replaceable than a broken TV but insurance could cover the cost of either.

While it may seem counter-productive to invest in insurance when you need to save money, it can actually work out far more beneficial, whether you’re moving your possessions yourself, or with a removal Company.

Use Your Own Car As Much As Possible

While hiring out a van might seem more convenient, homeowners with a substantially sized car like a Jeep could find themselves at an advantage.

Piling as many belongings as possible into your car and driving off to your new location will only cost you the petrol it takes to get there, but considering you’re likely to use that petrol driving your car over there anyway, it still works out much cheaper than hiring out a removal service.

Of course, this will depend on the home your moving to, how far away it is and the time frame that you have, but if you can, try and use your own car for everything but the furniture.

Try And Pick Midweek Or Off-Season Moving Dates

If you are hiring out a service, mid-week or off-season dates tend to come at a much lower cost than a weekend or holiday periods.


The same can still be said for moving yourself when you consider the fuel saved not sitting in traffic when the roads are blissfully empty.

By carefully choosing your dates, you can save anything from a few pennies to a few hundred all dependant on the service you choose.

Ask Around For Help

Friends, family and neighbours all make great help when they’re willing to do so and it certainly never hurts to ask.

Whether you ask for direct help with moving your things, or you simply ask around to see if anyone has any spare packing materials that they no longer need or that you could borrow, the potential to save money.

Also remember preparation is key. Put in the hours in the planning and working out what you want to keep and what you can do without so you know exactly what companies such as Kwik Sweep can remove and how much it’s going to cost you.