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Moving to a New City: 10 Signs That It’s the Right Time

New York

It’s been there in the back of your mind – moving to a new city. And you’re not alone, about 34% of people move to a different county, meaning a different city either in-state or out.

But making that move is bittersweet! It can be exciting and fun to think of all the new possibilities. At the same time, the newness is super scary.

So how do you know if you’re ready to take that leap of faith? Let’s look at 10 signs moving to a new city is in your future.

1. Your Goals Have Changed

You had goals and a mission when you moved to your current city. But your goals have changed. And your mission has become lackluster at best.

That’s ok! Nobody is the same person they were 10 years ago, sometimes even 2 years ago. Change is an inevitable part of life.

So when your passions and interests start pulling you in another direction, you owe it to yourself to follow them. Let it take you to a brand-new city that supports those new goals.

2. There’s Somewhere Else You’ve Always Wanted to Live

You might have a longing to move somewhere you’ve never been before. Or you’ve traveled to a location that felt “right” the moment you got there. And now you can’t get it off your mind.

Whatever it may be, you know there’s a place calling you home. So it’s time to go!

If there’s a city you want to be in, make it happen. You don’t want to waste any more time thinking about the possibilities. Life is too short to spend it dreaming, make moving to your dream city a reality.

3. You Find Yourself Complaining All the Time

It seems that every little thing in your current city is getting under your skin. You complain about traffic, sales tax, that annoying weatherman on tv, and any number of things on a daily basis.

No matter what it is, you’re not finding happiness where you are. So it’s time to take a deeper look to find out what and why that may be.

Once you figure that out, look into other cities that fit your needs and interests better. Sometimes all it takes is a slower pace of life or a complete change of scenery.


4. You Can’t Afford to Stay Where You Are

If you can’t afford the simple things in life, moving to a new city may be a smart move in more ways than one.

You might love your current city, but the expense of living there is way too high. All your money goes towards housing and bills. You can’t afford to go out and have FUN anymore.

Moving to a new city that affords you the lifestyle you want can take a huge burden off you both financially and emotionally.

Read more about preparing your house to sell or figure out what the cost of living is in a new place…then pack up and move there.

5. You Have No Reason to Stay

Did you just leave your job? End a serious relationship? Or have your friends moved away already?

All these reasons untie you from keeping permanent roots in your current city. When you have no reason to stay, you have every opportunity to go try something and someplace new.

That’s not to say you need to run away every time change pops up in your life. But finding a new purpose and meaning in a different city may just be the new outlook on life you need.

6. You Feel Jealous of Others Moving to a New City

Every time you attend yet another going away party, do you feel that tinge of jealousy? Wish it was YOU having the going away party instead?

The sign that it’s time for you to make that moving leap is staring you right in the face!

That tinge of jealousy is trying to tell you more than you think. Follow your instinct and make a move to a new city yourself.

7. You Hate the Weather

At first thought, the weather may seem like a silly reason to move to a new city. But think about it… is it really?

The weather plays a huge factor in your enjoyment of a place. And if it’s too cold, too hot, too rainy, or too anything, it’s going to affect your daily life.


If sunshine makes you smile, go chase it. If rain keeps you calm and cozy, move to a wetter climate. You deserve to live in a place that makes you happy both inside and outside.

8. You’ve Never Lived Anywhere Else

We all know people, probably a lot of people, who live in one hometown their entire lives. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

But if you find yourself longing for someplace new, it may be time for you to get out.

Experiencing new cultures, people, and experiences help us grow as a person. And you’ll never know if you’ll like it until you try it for yourself.

Worse case, you hate it and move back. There’s no shame in that. At least you’ll never say “what if”.

9. You Want to Start a Family

Your current city was perfect for the single life. Party days and crazy nights out was what it was all about!

But now you’re looking to settle down, and you’re wanting a more family-friendly environment to start that next chapter in life.

Whether it be affordable family neighborhoods, good schools, or a slower pace of life. Find that new city that will be perfect to raise a new family in and make that move.

10. Your Gut Feeling Tells You It’s Time

Your gut feeling is one powerful little voice. If it’s been telling you it’s time for a change, it’s time to listen.

Your current situation may be fine. You may not have verbalized any thoughts, but you can’t shake this nagging little feeling that you need to do something new. And that newness should be a change of scenery.

Trust your instincts. It very well could be leading you to an amazing opportunity waiting for you in a new city.

Make a New Beginning by Moving to a New City

You know it’s been calling your name, you just haven’t been sure if you’re ready. But by examining these signs, you can know for sure that moving to a new city is right for you.


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