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How To Buy A Property In Slovenia


Is visiting Slovenia on your bucket list?

This Balkan country is known for its beautiful mountains, ski resorts, lakes, and ancient architecture. It’s no longer the best-kept secret of Europe, and many visitors go a step further and buy a home for their use exclusively or to use for their holidays and, when not in service, rent out on platforms like AirBnB.

While many countries are tightening the rules around home ownership by offshore residents, in Slovenia, it’s not such an ordeal. They’re still welcoming offshore investment; hence, it’s a famous country for homeowners and tourists now that there’s a lot more accommodation available.

Buying A Property In Slovenia Made Easier

In 2004, Slovenia joined the EU, which meant EU citizens had equal rights to home ownership as its countrymen. In addition to its members, three other countries get the privilege.

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are not in the EU, but they’re part of the European Economic Agreement or EFTA and this membership allows its citizens the same equal opportunities as their EU neighbours, including freedom of travel, improved residence, and employment terms.

With more movement of people, Solvena’s property has been in hot demand, not just from EU residents but also citizens of other countries, many as far away as Australia and New Zealand.

Displaced citizens and their descendants, mainly due to the world wars, have been keenly researching their ancestral lines to find a way to secure the many benefits of an EU passport. EU member Lativa was very successful, with hundreds of exiles and their descendants securing dual citizenship, which has opened up the EU’s treasure trove, including the real estate purchase.

Foreigners can also get their pocket of land in Slovenia when they can prove a mutually beneficial interest, e.g., a Slovenian citizen can buy property in country X. The citizens of country X can also purchase property in Slovenia as well.

And if that doesn’t work, the following way is to have a business in Slovenia or marry a Slovenian national.

As the saying goes: Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 🙂 Here’s a link to information on buying a home in Solvenia. It pays to understand the process and ensure you’ve all the paperwork required. Property transactions and legalities vary in all countries. Get legal advice and contact your team of locally based advisors so you know where you stand before signing a real estate sale and purchase agreement.

The Attraction of Slovenia

Slovenia is considered a safe country. It’s one of the safest in Europe. It has a strong growing economy and stable modern democracy. These are the conditions that appeal to entrepreneurs keen to grow startups. With more business, there will be more demand for workers and no shortage of interest. Accommodation is key to house a growing population, so investment in property and business is a must. Slovenia is definitely ‘open for business.

The natural landscape and architecture is similar to its neighbour, Austria. The country also borders, Hungry, Croatia, and Italy.