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Let’s Talk Moving Your Home


Moving home is just something you’re going to have to do at some point in your life. Whether you’re moving home to get out of your parents home, or whether you’re moving home because you just need a new place, it’s a step in life we all have to take at some point or another.

But talking about moving home is a very different story, because we all know how stressful it can actually get. That’s why just talking about it can be enough to put a person off because they just knows what’s coming. It’s enough to put fear into even the strongest of person, especially when or if you have a family follow close behind you.

All of the sudden you’re not just moving for yourself or for your partner, you’re moving to give your children a better life, and they should always be kept in mind. But, children or not children, we want to touch on the sore and stressful subject that is moving, and we want to give you a few tips on how you can make everything that little bit easier.

Think Of Your Reasons

Before you think about your move and put yourself through what you know is still going to be a stressful time whether you follow our tips or not, you have to think about your reasons. It’s no secret that it’s going to be expensive, and there might be ways of making it cheaper if your reason for moving is because you’re struggling to afford the mortgage that you’re paying at the minute, then you really need to think about the home you’re going to move into.

Because even if it’s smaller and you know that your home is worth more a month at the minute, there could be other factors that make it more expensive. It could be a further commute to school, the tax could be more expensive, and it could even be more expensive to run if it’s a more modern home. So think about your reasons, and think about what you’re going to go for. All of the time you should be doing calculations to ensure you’re making the right move for you! You also need to think about your current home at the minute, and if there’s anything you can do to increase the value of it slightly before you move.

We don’t mean spending a ton of money on renovations, but you could spruce the place up a bit. Simply making it look more modern by changing the decor and adding in some cute accessories could increase the value. A home that looks as though it hasn’t been cared for before is a home that’s definitely going to be valued less. Even to the point of making sure the front lawn is nice and tidy, and the front of your home is painted so it looks nice and fresh.

When You’re In A Total Rush

Sometimes you’re just going to be in a complete rush to sell your home and move out due to whatever circumstances you might have. It could be that you’ve been told you’re expecting, and you need a new home asap to get settled in before your newborn comes. It could be that you’ve found out you’ve got a new job and you need to move closer, or it could be that the home you’re in is just horrible, you can’t stand anything about it, and you need to get out as quick as you possibly can.

When you need to sell your house this quickly, it might be worth contacting companies who can buy your house outright for you, giving you a quick sale without any of the hassle that you’d go through if you were to do it through an estate agent. You would then be able to look for a home that’s also looking for a quick sale without any chain, meaning they’re looking to move straight away as well.

Does this not just sound like the easy life? Yes, you might not get as much as you would if you were to wait for it to be valued by an estate agent, and then take offers from whoever comes, but the difference shouldn’t be so much that you lose out on a lot of money! Just make sure you’re getting a fair price, and that you get things in order that you will need for your next home before you even think about contacting a quick sale story!

Managing Those Inevitable Stresses

We have to say that when the stress of a move does come, it can feel like the whole weight of the world is resting on your shoulders. Unluckily for you, the whole world around you doesn’t stop, and you still have to go to work, look after your family, or have a social life… it all just gets a little too much! But, half of the time it is you that will be causing the problem, and a lack of organisation plays a big part with this.

You need to make sure you’ve got everything in order moneywise, and a big plan in place before you even put your home on the market. If you put backup plans in place to ensure you’re covered through everything, it should take a little bit of the stress away. We also think it’s important to rely on others if you do have children. Make sure your parents or your partner’s parents can care for them to give you the space you need to sort the move. There’s nothing worse than trying to juggle it as well as kids who don’t understand the stress of moving!

Once The Formalities Are Over

Once all of the formatilities of the move are over, we think it’s just super important that you focus on settling in. Take some time off work so that you can relax and enjoy your new home, and actually get settled into it. We feel so many people don’t even bother to take some time to actually enjoy their home, they just spend the first few weeks rushing around trying to juggle everything, and then finding the home a big ball of stress again.