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Real Estate Agents Can Get Ahead Of The Competition

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The real estate sales business is very competitive, and real estate agents need to find their own leads.

Cold calling is one popular method and it’s used extensively by the industry in most countries. For this leads strategy to work, the agent needs contact information i.e. a person’s name, and phone number.

With more information on the contact, the Agent can use it to make a better call, however, even if you just have someone’s email address, phone number or social profile information, you have a lead and contact can be made.

A cost-effective way to find leads quickly and accurately, is using reverse address lookups, and it can help you find out who lives at a certain location in the neighborhood you are selling or buying in.

What is a reverse address lookup?

A reverse address lookup enables anyone to get instant information about someone’s address.

Regardless of whether you are trying to get in contact with someone who lives at an address or you just want to verify who lives there, a reverse address lookup is a good way for real estate agents to maintain and make new connections.

Lets say, for example, that you see a house that was just taken off the market on Zillow. You can lookup the address to find out their contact information to get in touch with them to have them relist their house (with you as their realtor, of course).

Or perhaps you want to flip some property or just want to confirm who lives at said address before giving them a call. Performing a reverse address lookup on the property will give you valuable information on the current property owner as well as previous property owners.

What is included in a reverse address lookup?

The data captured depends on what website/tool you use to perform a reverse address lookup. You may just get the address and maybe the name or with other websites like WyTy, more extensive information is provided.

The accuracy of the information is not guaranteed however what you may have at your finger tips with WyTy’s reverse address lookup is:

Full name
Date of birth
Phone numbers
Address history
Email and social information

When to use a reverse address lookup

Calling old clients

Let’s say you heard through the grapevine that a past client is looking to buy or sell their house again. However you found out, you want to get ahold of them but they changed their contact information. Simply do a reverse address lookup on them to get their current contact information.


To get hold of a referral

Let’s say someone filled out your website’s referral form with their address, name and phone number. Great! However, you try to reach out to them and unfortunately their phone is disconnected or they somehow mistyped the number where the wrong person answers.

Or perhaps you just happen to meet someone looking to buy or sell their home and they wrote down their information for you, but it’s really hard to read. No worries! It’s easy an easy situation to fix.

On WyTy’s site you’d simply enter the address into the reverse address search bar the owner’s information is presented in the search results.

Additionally, if they mistyped the address (or it’s hard to read) , you can also run a search by name lookup to see if you find contact information using their name.

Finding new leads

The most popular reason for real estate agents to use a reverse address lookup is to find new leads. Again, simply typing an address into the reverse address search bar on WyTy can provide you with their contact information.

Here is how you can use the information you find to connect with new leads:

Cold-call the property owner

If your reverse address lookup report contains the phone number of the property owner, it’s always a good idea to give them a friendly call. If they aren’t looking to sell at the moment, you can always give them a call every few months. Additionally, since you’ve already established an interest in being their agent, you can send them occasional “goodies” in the mail such as magnets or Christmas cards to remind them of your interest.

Send the property owner an email

People are constantly checking their emails. Sending the property owner an email (or sending them an email AND calling them) will let them know that you are interested in being their real estate agent.

Send the property owner a casual message on social media

If all else fails, sending them a friendly and casual message on social media is one way to get in touch with them. While this may not be the most professional way to reach someone, it’s better than not being able to contact them at all.

Just make sure if you send them a message via social media that you are clear who you are and why you are sending them a message-people are weary of messages from people not on their friend list.

Learn more about the property owner before contacting them

You already know some basic information on the owner of the property such as their first name and phone number. But what is the owner’s full name? Email addresses? Age? Does the owner have a wife or kids? Learning more about the owner of the property will help you find the right way to approach the topic of selling their home.

Final Thoughts

As a real estate agent, you know that the market is highly competitive. Using a reverse address lookup to get in touch with new leads is a great way to make new clients, get in touch with past clients or even plant the selling seed into people’s heads that may want to sell in the future.