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Real Estate Agents Can Get Ahead Of The Competition

The real estate sales business is very competitive, and real estate agents need to find their own leads. Cold calling is one popular method and it’s used extensively by the industry in most countries. For this leads strategy to work, the agent needs contact information i.e. a person’s name, and phone number. With more information […]

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The First Steps to Buying Your First Property

If you’re setting yourself up to buy your first real estate: congratulations! There’s truly no better way to use your money than to invest in bricks and mortar, whether you’ll be using the residence as your primary home or renting it out as a business endeavor. However, as you’re embarking on an entirely new path, […]

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Write Your Real Estate Business Plan In 5 Steps

With over 500,000 businesses opening each month, there is sure to be a lot of competition in any industry. If you’re hoping to open your own real estate business, you have a lot of planning to do in order to survive those critical first two years in business. A well organized real estate business plan […]

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Home Not Selling? You Need To Read This

We often assume that a home on the market will sell within a matter of days. Pushing it, we might put up with it taking a few months, but actually, this isn’t typically what happens. It’s quite common for homes to take a minimum of six months to sell and they can take a lot […]

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How technology can help you to navigate the property market

Engaging with the property market is a fantastic way for you to improve your finances and increase your plans for the future. Unlike the stock market and risky start-up schemes, the property market offers a certain amount of security. However, this is only the case if you understand how to navigate it effectively. Luckily technology […]

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How to sell your house quickly “as is”

Selling your house fast can be frustrating at times, especially if you’re in need of money quick. Day after day you wait for that fateful buyer who’ll make a good offer on your place. But don’t worry, sure it’s hard to sell a house, but all it takes is some effort and the right approach. […]

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Steps To Speed Up The Property Buying Process

Everyone dreams of buying a property in his or her lifetime. Some may buy many properties but most vie to buy that one dream property, where they will live their lives happily. Finding such a property usually takes time. The right property usually takes an average of eight to twelve weeks to find. The eight […]

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How to Sell Your Property Fast

Selling a house is like an art. It takes a lot of creativity and experience in order to truly appeal to home buyers. Many homes are left unsold on the market when all they needed is a little sprucing up to make them perfectly viable homes for people to own. Don’t let your next property […]

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Acceptably Jacking Up The Price When Selling Your Home

Selling a property, especially a home is never easy as pie. The modern house market is very varied and thanks to innovations, there are many different classes, types, styles, tiers and extra features that have to be calculated into the overall price. Determined by these factors is the pure and simple nature of affluent buyers […]

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