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DIY Q and A: Can You Paint Vinyl Siding?

Whether you or the previous owner chose your vinyl siding, the choice was a good one. Vinyl siding makes an attractive, durable, and minimal maintenance solution for covering the exterior of a home. To break up the monotony of the neighborhood, it also comes in a variety of colors.

Vinyl does fade and homeowners like change, which makes you wonder, can you paint vinyl siding any color you want?

In short, yes, you can paint it if you follow the rules. Before you start your project, read our Q and A on best practices for painting your vinyl siding.

Do I Need to Prepare the Surface?

To ensure the new paint adheres correctly to your siding, you must have a pristine surface.

A pressure washer works well to remove grime and debris. If you notice mold, use a solution of 70% water and 30% white vinegar. Rinse well to remove residue from your cleaning solution behind.

Don’t rush to paint right away after cleaning. Give the surface a day or two to dry out especially if you pressure wash.

What Paint Should I Use?

Be careful when you make your paint selection! You can’t use standard house paint on vinyl siding.

Choose a paint that contains a blend of urethane and acrylic. Also, older siding may need a coat or two of primer. A professional painter can offer good advice about using a primer.

Why so much fuss about paint?

This isn’t standard wood or metal siding we’re talking about here—vinyl siding expands and contracts. Apply the wrong paint, and you could end up with a mess of peeling paint after a few seasons.

When you select the best paints for vinyl siding, you’ll enjoy the superb performance and a solid warranty. Find out more about the ideal paint by talking with an experienced painting pro.

Can You Paint Vinyl Siding Any Color?

Old school advice says, no! You can’t paint over light siding with a dark color.


We have great news! If you want to transform your blah white siding with a brazen shade of brick red or a calming shade of blue, you can do it!

In the past, we might not have given the red flag to go from a lighter to a darker color. Remember, vinyl siding expands and contracts and the paint follows suit. Using a dark color on white siding resulted in an ugly mess when the paint cracked.

Modern paint technology and the innovation of premium paint suppliers means less worry about cracking paint. You can now choose from about 100 different colors, including a stunning selection of blues, greys, greens, yellows, and browns.

Need More Answers About Painting Vinyl Siding?

We hope we’ve inspired you today with this short guide. Not only can you paint your siding with confidence, now when someone asks can you paint vinyl siding, you’ll have an answer!

If you’ve enjoyed this post or you have more questions about painting siding and other DYI projects, continue browsing our blog. You’ll find plenty of reading material for DYI aficionados!