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How To Use Metal In Home Decor In 2020

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Are you planning to redecorate your home for a new look this year? If so, consider incorporating a touch of metal into your beautification. Decorative metal is now more popular because it provides architectural decoration that suits any style from rustic to luxurious and everything in the middle.

Moreover, you may choose from a wide variety of metals for your home decor, including aluminium, brass, cast iron, copper, and stainless steel and with different finishes.

Metal Finishes


For an antique look that looks weathered and worn over time, this metal finish is for you. It complements a home with a rich and dark style.

Brushed metal

This metal finish looks like it has been smoothed over through the use of a paintbrush. If your home has an eclectic style, this metal finish may be the best pick.

Hammered metal

The decorative metals with this finish seem like pounded with a tiny hammer. It is best to use in homes with rustic and vintage styles.

Polished metal

If you have a modern and minimalistic taste, like the nordic theme, your best option is either the brushed metal or polished decorative metals.


The homes with classic and traditional styles can be beautifully decorated with metals that have a satin finish – the ones that appear like a mix of matte and polished.

Metal Stair Railings and Balusters

To add elegance to your stairway, use sophisticated and classy metals as your stair railings and balusters. Besides aesthetic enhancement, these metal decorations also provide safety for you and your family.

With sweeping scrolls, delicate twists, and graphic shapes, metal balusters can’t only add durability and strength to your stairways, but it can also be a great attraction inside your home. Moreover, to become more personalized, you may also design your own balusters and get the help of pros to do it for you.

Metal walls

One great way to incorporate a touch of metal in your home decoration is by installing it on your walls. Aside from using metal as your shower walls, sheet metals can also be a great backsplash, or a wainscot material — if you don’t want to cover your entire wall.

Besides that, interior corrugated metal panels can also be perfect for your home. You can use it to create an accent metal wall or as a kitchen island to give your home a rustic style.

Moreover, flat metal walls are also popular in interior design. With its smooth, squared-off panels, or long, sleek lines, flat wall panels are best to incorporate in contemporary and modern homes.


Metal Geometrics

For a modern twist to your interior, place metal geometrics on top of a customized bookshelf, mantlepiece, or even on a tray. You can also try the custom metal art design at Creative Metal to choose interior decors and accents that can add elegance and aesthetics to your home.

Metal Furniture

Another way to incorporate metal into your home decoration is by using metal furniture. You can place a metal sofa in your living room or a metal dining set for your dining area.

Aside from the elegance and classy look that metal furniture can give to every corner of your home, they can also save you money — since they can last a lifetime if you take care of them properly.

Additionally, metal furniture can also provide numerous advantages aside from giving aesthetic enhancement to your interior. These includes:

  • Metal furniture is pet resistant. That means your pet can’t scratch or damage this furniture.
  • More resilient. Since metal is more durable than other materials, metal furniture is not prone to everyday wear and tear.
  • Metal Furniture is flame-resistant. Compared to other materials such as wood, fabric, leather, and plastic, metal furniture is actually safer because it is resistant to catching fire.

Metal Sinks

Renovating your home usually includes the most used (high traffic) zones, i.e. bathroom, kitchen and laundry (utility) room. A metal or stainless steel sink is also a wise choice. Aside from its durability, it can also blend well metal handles, and nobs and other accessories and furniture.


Giving an aesthetic enhancement to your home is not a simple task. However, with your creative mind, you can do countless possibilities to redecorate your home according to your style. Whether you want to have a touch of vintage or modern twist to your interior, incorporating decorative metal in your home decoration can be a great choice.

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Rebecca Nelson has been working as a content marketer for almost a decade now. Specifically, she’s a wannabe architectural designer, who’s been copywriting content about home improvements, especially on creative metal designing.