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How High Speed Industrial Doors Can Benefit Business

industrial door

The modern business is always looking for ways to improve, whether that’s in terms of processes, growth, premises, location, or personnel. If a business isn’t looking to improve, it runs the risk of falling behind its competitors, which makes every day an uphill battle to compete and survive.

One way to keep on top is by ensuring that your company premises are in top condition – this means that you have all of the facilities needed to keep staff happy and productive at all times. In particular, the doors that are utilised across your business can have a huge impact on the overall effectiveness of the premises in regards to their purpose.

Check out the ways that industrial doors can benefit your company by reading our guide below.


First of all, let’s look at how these doors can have an impact on efficiency. One of the major problems that many companies face is wasted time, but sometimes this is due to long-winded processes or outdated technology that is no longer fit for purpose.

High-speed industrial doors can have a huge impact on efficiency by helping to reduce waiting times for vehicles and personnel that are travelling between areas of the building, or between buildings if needed.

These doors have a quicker opening and closing action, which is ideal for fast-paced movement – this reduces the time wasted and also helps to keep the temperature within the building at a more constant level, which helps to reduce the energy needed for heating and cooling the space. This faster movement opens up the opportunity for workers to get more out of their working day, enhancing the way that you operate on a company-wide scale.


Another hugely important thing that all companies must consider is health and safety, specifically considering how their premises ensure that employees are kept safe whilst they carry out their daily duties. This will mean that you need to keep a close eye on the facilities that are available, whilst also updating and maintaining these facilities as you see fit.

Dock levellers, dock shelters, and loading houses all help to ensure that employees and goods are kept safe when being transported into and out of trucks. The leveller ensures that a consistent surface is maintained during loading and unloading, whilst shelters reduce the impact of the change in conditions and climate – this keeps employees warm and comfortable whilst they work, but also protects temperature-sensitive goods from spoiling during transport.

Carbon Footprint

The news has been rife with stories about the rapid impacts of global warming, with some experts suggesting that we have less than 30 years remaining to reverse the impacts of climate change to ensure that we have a healthy and habitable planet to live on in the future.

Protocols have now started to be enforced by law in an attempt to protect the planet, but still more needs to be done by everyone, from single individuals to huge multinational conglomerates. When choosing doors for your buildings, opt for products that are designed using responsibly sourced materials that can be traced and verified – this way you’ll know that the production methods were as sustainable as they can be.

Integrating a culture that revolves around being eco-friendly in the workplace can be a huge help – whether this involves recycling initiatives, low-energy lighting, or conservative heating, there’s plenty of ways to reduce your company carbon footprint and help to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. By achieving this, we stand a chance in the fight against climate change, which could, in turn, give us a healthier planet to live on for future generations to benefit from.