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4 Handy Tips to Ensure Safety at Property Construction Sites

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When we talk of property construction, injuries aren’t uncommon at these sites. There is always a threat to the health and life of workers at these sites and it can be from varied sources like electrocution, falling from a height, machinery failure, coming in contact with some hazardous or toxic materials etc.

Here are few tips to ensure the safety of workers at property construction sites.


More than 65% of all construction workers at a particular site work on and around scaffoldings. While working on these temporary structures, they should wear non-skid work boots, have lanyards with them, and most importantly cover their heads with hard hats preferably with a phenolic hard hat. This is because while working at heights there is always a possibility of something falling from above. Phenolic hats are coated with a material that is specifically meant to prevent them from caving under extreme and abnormal conditions. Thus, the worker is provided with the maximum protection possible in case of falling object hazards.

Besides these measures, the scaffolding should be erected by a competent person and should be away from the power lines by a minimum of 10 feet.

Fall Protection Systems

The most cited standard in the construction industry is to have a proper fall protection system in place. This is because falling from unsecured heights is the leading cause of both injuries and death of workers. The workers as well as the employers need to work on it. The employers should provide protection systems for working on all surfaces that are more than six feet above the lower level. These include safety net systems, guardrails, and personal fall arrest systems. The workers should also take care by not working in areas that have no fall protection systems in place. They should also familiarize themselves with personal fall arrest systems and check that the lanyard is not long enough to touch the lower level in case of a fall.

Ladders and Stairways

Faulty ladders are another big reason for injuries at job sites. Ladder falls occur mostly due to incorrect ladder choice, failing to secure it properly before climbing, and carrying tools and materials in both hands while climbing. These things should be fixed and the workers should be trained to use it properly.

Training to Workers

Most of the construction workers are from the migratory lot coming from rural backgrounds. They are inexperienced and have no idea about the use of safety gear. They should be given all the necessary training before putting them on job; otherwise, providing all the necessary equipment will be a complete waste.

Safety at property construction sites is of paramount importance and no compromise should be made in it. The safety plan is always specific to a particular site. The safety regulations and programs are all in place and the need is to implement it properly. This is important because if a fatal injury or death happens it is an irreparable loss.

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