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5 Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home


When you ask people about their dream homes, most will have a similar answer. They dream of mansions with lots of space and a swimming pool big enough to dive in.

But that’s not everyone’s dream.

Living in a tiny home has become a huge trend in recent years. There are TV shows about people who’ve swapped traditional living for small houses.

There are a lot of good reasons for living in a tiny home. So here are the top 5 benefits to living it small.

1. Take Your Tiny Home Anywhere

One of the most practical ways of micro-living is by getting a tiny home on wheels. Van life has become increasingly popular, with #VanLife becoming a trend on Instagram.

More and more people are trading in their stable homes for a mobile experience. There are so many options for any budget or preference. Living on the go allows you to make travel a full-time lifestyle.

It saves you money, it’s freeing, and it’s simple.

2. Freedom to Build Your Own Home

Building a house can be a pricey experience and take a long time.

When it comes to tiny living, the costs and time are halved.

There are tiny home builders who will build the whole thing for you for a fraction of what it costs to build a big house. You have the freedom to design the house exactly as you want it to be.

If you’ve saved up long enough, you can pay upfront and not have to worry about making the next payment.

3. Living the Green Life

Tiny homes use much less energy than bigger homes. This means you’re making an environmentally conscious choice.


Keeping a tiny house green isn’t difficult. You’ll be able to recycle and upcycle a lot of materials to help make your house feel like a home.

Utilise solar or wind power to help run your house. Grow fruit and vegetables on your little plot of land. Taking it back to basics with simple living can make a big environmental impact.

4. Unclutter Your Life

Tiny homes don’t allow you to hoard things. They allow you to re-evaluate the things you own and purge unnecessary stuff from your life.

It feels great to bag up all the things you don’t need and donate them to people who do.

You’re left with meaningful, sentimental items which you’ll gain a new appreciation for.

Also, tiny homes make spring cleaning so much easier!

5. Save Money

Big homes cost a lot to maintain.

The bills incurred from bigger houses are far more expensive than the ones from tiny living.

Utilities, heating, taxes etc. They all come way down when you live in a small home. There’s no room for unnecessary shopping trips, and there’s not much to decorate.

This means you can save money for what really matters: your future.

Tiny Home = Better Life

So, you’re ready to sell your home and take the leap into tiny living. Congratulations!

A tiny home means a better life, you’ll save money and only keep the things you need. You also help the environment, and it’s pretty cool to have a tiny house!


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