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The Importance of Having a Well-Designed Office

importance of well designed office

For employees who work in the same environment day after day, the quality of the said environment is critical when it comes to the health and wellbeing of those who are working there.

A well-designed commercial office space promotes the mental and physical health of its employees which could also be your tenants if you own the office; so that they can work better, and enjoy themselves day after day. You want your best employees to love working for you, after all, and if they do not enjoy the space they work in, this can make your relationship with them difficult. It would be best if you had to improve your workspace so that your office:

Helps Employee Health

The environment that a person works in will affect their physical and mental health, which is why hiring an office interior designer to re-do your office space when productivity and employee-satisfaction are low is a must. Without great design, your space is draining your employees. Better their health by making it a brighter, healthier environment to be in, from the quality of air to the resources available in the break room. The more you can improve their health and their wellbeing, and the more productive everyone will be.

Examples of how your employees’ or commercial tenants’ health can be considered in the design include:

  • Ensuring that there is enough natural light.
  • Offering enough appliances to allow employees to bring and make their own at-home meals.
  • Bringing in plenty of air-purifying plants.

Helps Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is often the number one priority on an employer or manager’s mind. Still, to help your employees be more productive you must first focus on their health. From there, you can work on bettering their productivity through design.

For example, it has been proven that the better the break, the better your employee can return to work fully refreshed and ready to get back into work. This means that you will need to improve your break room so that it offers a truly relaxing atmosphere, so that when they are on their break, they truly can take a step back from their work, unwind, and refresh.

Helps Wow Clients

Another, additional benefit to revamping your commercial property office’s design is the impact it will have on any clients you bring through your doors. If you want to show how professional you are, your office must exude professionalism.

To really wow them, however, ensure that your office re-design is in harmony with your branding. If your branding relies on bold colours, bring pops of those bold colours into your office. If you use a certain style of graphic on your products, decorate your office with similar art, and so on. The experience should be uniform, orderly, and impressive.

Your office is more than just a space says Jeff Tabor Group. It is a space that people spend hours in for up to five days a week, so it has to be class ‘A’ like our key base in Orange County. Combine function, aesthetic, and health into any decision you make, so that you and your employees can enjoy working more every single day.