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Three Tips On How to Host the Perfect Home Viewing

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Showing your house to prospective buyers is a tricky pursuit with many potential traps. There is a careful balance between making people feel welcome while also trying to encourage them to make a substantial financial decision. It can also be daunting to invite strangers into your home where they can perhaps have particular views on your décor and taste. However, an excellent home viewing is a must for any seller as it lets potential buyers experience the space in three dimensions, and helps them to imagine themselves living there, giving them more reasons to put in an offer. If you are feeling nervous about showing people around your home or want to be prepared, here are some useful tips to get you started.

Enlist the Professionals

Some things in life are best to do for yourself, such as cooking. However, there are a great many things that professionals are the only option for, especially if your priority is to get the best results. Get in touch with Rhode Island Real Estate for expert advice on how to sell your property and more. In a more hands-on sense, if you think your home might need a few repairs or replacement fixtures, avoid risking the value of the property by also recruiting tradespeople who know what they are doing. A sleek, professional paint job is much more appealing to prospective buyers than a shabby amateur finish. You don’t want viewers to be put off by peeling wallpaper or a badly fitted kitchen. Ask an expert eye to give you advice on how to proceed as this will protect the value of the house and impress potential buyers.

Find a Balance

Please focus on the experience you hope to give people as they tour your home. Is it an apartment in a city you want to sell that would appeal to trendy business people or students? Is it a large house perfect for a family with children? Keep these things in mind and use them as selling points, such as multiple bedrooms and bathrooms or easy travel options to schools in the area. Talk to each group of potential buyers, gauge what their interest in the property might be and play up to it. That’s why it’s important to decorate as neutrally as possible; instead of displaying your property as a party pad or a family home, let the viewer imagine for themselves. Strike a balance between making it clean and tidy while also looking lived-in and open to creativity in the future. A sterile, cold house appeals to very few people, as does an incredibly messy one.


When showing people around, remember that it helps to let them discover the space for themselves. Make them feel as if it’s their home since this is what you hope for them. Allow them through doors before you as this subconsciously gives the impression that your home has nothing to hide and is ready to be bought. Don’t rush people in and out of rooms but also avoid letting the viewing drag on. Treat it like a mix between a business meeting and a party; purposeful yet fun.

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