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The Top 10 To Look For In A Realtor

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, it is extremely important to have the right real estate agent working for you. Your top priority is to choose someone you are comfortable working with and at the same time, has the right credentials and experience. Ultimately, you need to find someone you can trust. So, what are the things you should look for before hiring a realtor?

Here’s our Top 10 things you should look for in a realtor.

1. Areas of expertise.

There are a lot of really good realtors around and it’s not hard to get a list of realtors who have great credentials, but what you need may not be their expertise. The starting point is establishing what type of buyer or seller you are. For example, are you an investor, a homebuyer, or selling an estate? Know what type of service you need then you can critique realtors on their skillset.

2. Have they done the time? No. of years in the business.

A realtor with a few years in the industry should have accumulated the experience to remain steely under pressure. Ask questions about the tough times and how they dealt with them as well as asking how long they’ve been in the industry and their current role as a realtor.

3. Is the Realtor too busy?

A realtor with many clients is not necessarily a good thing. It’s an individual thing too. Some realtors cope better when they’re on the run, very busy. Others provide a better service and will take your calls when they’re managing their time with less work. The key here is to find the realtor with an optimum volume of clients so they’re happy to communicate with you when you need them.

4. Use a local realtor

Don’t waste time with a realtor who is not working in the area you’re buying or selling in. We mentioned early the need for experience and knowing the area well is important so elect your realtor who has a good track record in your area of interest.

5. Verify if they work alone or as a team.

It’s good to work with a realtor that has a team, but you should make sure first if it works for you. It should be understood upfront that everyone is going for the same goal.


6. Know how they communicate.

You need to know if you and your realtor understand the type of communication you both prefer. Set expectations on how often you need to be updated, what type of communication it should be, and see if they can meet it.

7. Check if they can provide references.

You will best get to know a realtor if you get feedback from their previous clients. Try to ask at least three references to their past clients. If you can contact them, ask specific and direct to the point questions.

8. Learn what they have to say.

The best realtors are the ones who know how to listen and understand your situation. You will know their mindset by how they ask you questions and what things they tell you.

9. Look up their credentials and licensing.

It would be a great plus to have a realtor who is licensed. This means that he or she has not been given any disciplinary actions or complaints.

10. Check out the realtor’s current listings.

How are the realtor’s listings presented? Are the properties of a similar level to the type of property you want? Does his or her price range work for you? You can easily find out this information on their website or though local advertising.