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How to sell your house quickly “as is”

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Selling your house fast can be frustrating at times, especially if you’re in need of money quick. Day after day you wait for that fateful buyer who’ll make a good offer on your place. But don’t worry, sure it’s hard to sell a house, but all it takes is some effort and the right approach. A quick sale is a combination of setting the right price and giving your prospective clients a good impression of your house. We’ve found the some useful tips on how to sell your house quickly in Jacksonville from BG Home Solutions that are generic enough to apply to selling houses quickly irrespective of where they’re located. Here are our top 3 tips:

1. Price it right

When the price is right, clients will buy. The first 30 days of your house on the list is the perfect time to observe the market activity for a sale. It’s also a period you should take advantage of because you’re newly listed.

Sellers often make the mistake of setting too high a price for their property then lowering it when it doesn’t sell. This beats the concept of selling fast. Buyers will be dissuaded from even contacting you because your property may be out of budget. It also gives the impression that you are not open for negotiations, which of course lowers the rate of inquiry for your property.

Be honest with the value of house and markup a considerable amount of profit if you may. Overpricing may lead to a longer selling period which in turn could lower the value of your house.

2. Improve your home

Curb appeal is essential in making a good first impression for your home. People instantly make a judgment of your property just by looking at your front lawn. Plant some flowers, repaint your door, and even your mailbox. Not only does it add appeal to your home, with the right price, they’re surely go walking in to talk to you.

Invest some money in upgrading the exterior and interior of your home. A fresh coat of paint and a pretty landscape are affordable ways to improve your home. Clean your home and remove anything personal. Get rid of items like family pictures, religious stuff, and political paraphernalia. This gives prospective buyers a clean impression of your home. Clean and declutter as well so your space will look large and appealing. Remove any bulky and excess furniture, and make sure it looks like a model house. It helps that your home looks up to date with the current trends especially if you’re selling a fully furnished home. You may also opt to hire a deep cleaning service to ensure to make sure everything is perfect.

3. Advertise and be flexible

Make sure that your home is listed on all major online portals. Share it to your friends as well, and especially your neighbors. Put up a sign that your property is for sale. Zillow, Realtor, and Trulia are some of the major online realty sites that you should be part of. You want your listing to be visible to anyone so try to get as much word out as you can.

As mentioned, the first 30 days is critical for a quick sale. Be flexible with visitors and be ready to entertain them no matter what time they arrive. You may be faced with visits scheduled very early in the morning or very late at night, and even on weekends. Accommodate them in the best way you can because your goal is to entertain as much prospects during these days. Leave the house for a while to allow your visitors to roam freely and feel the place. Their time is gold and so are yours.