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End of Tenancy Property Cleaning Tips

Here are some tips for tenants so they get their bond back quick smart at the end of their tenancy lease agreement. First, let’s look at what clean is, as it really does mean different things to most of us. For starters, tidy and clean are not the same. Tidy, is when your home is […]

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Top 3 US States To Own Investment Property In This Year

There are fifty states in the US, but which ones are the best for investors this year? More specifically, if you had to choose three states to own investment property in, which three states would they be? After lots of research, and even more deliberation, we managed to narrow down the list from fifty, all […]

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Property WOF – Winners and Losers

Proposals for a property WOF scheme for rental properties in New Zealand have sparked debate among authorities and bodies representing landlords and tenants. The aim of such schemes, according to councils like Wellington City Council, is to protect tenants and ensure that they have access to safe, secure homes, but is the WOF scheme the […]

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