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Top 3 US States To Own Investment Property In This Year

Ohio USA

There are fifty states in the US, but which ones are the best for investors this year? More specifically, if you had to choose three states to own investment property in, which three states would they be?

After lots of research, and even more deliberation, we managed to narrow down the list from fifty, all the way to a top three. Here they are:

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If you look at the top cities to invest in real estate this year, you usually find that the top selection is all based in Florida. Why is this? What makes this state so great for property investors? Mainly, it’s a rental property paradise. Florida is the type of place where people don’t stay for the rest of their life. It’s somewhere that has relatively high house prices too, meaning renting is the best option. As such, there are so many opportunities to own rental properties and earn a seriously good cash flow. You’ve got a plethora of holiday homes to buy and rent out, not to mention so many luxury apartments in iconic cities filled with job opportunities. If buy-to-let is your game, then this is certainly the state for you.


Texas is a great state to invest in because it contains so many different types of properties. On the one hand, you have big cities like Houston, Dallas, and Austin, which offer a variety of residential properties. Therefore, there’s definitely the potential to earn money from a rental investment in a busy city. But, you also have things like Cedar Creek Lake real estate, which offers typical Texan ranches. This shows there are plenty of opportunities to invest in rural developments in this state, opening up your money-making opportunities. The key to investing is being diverse, and Texas offers a lot of real estate diversity compared to many other states.


The last member of this tremendous trio is Ohio. There are three main reasons to invest here, and they all begin with C; Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. All three of these cities have booming economies, with Cleveland absolutely thriving. Many recent stats show that there are loads of job opportunities in the big cities within this state, and plenty of people are moving there. The more people that move, the more demand there is for properties. So, if you swoop in and snap some developments up, you can sell them for profit or get rental money from them. Likewise, because the state has such a good economy, this means commercial property investments are a great idea too.

Now you know the best places to invest in 2018, what should your next move be? Personally, I think it’s time you started investing in these states. Get your hands on some property in any of these three areas, and you will see a big return on your investment. There are so many different options too; from beach houses in Florida to ranches in Texas – your choices are wide open, meaning you can be diverse with your investments.