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End of Tenancy Property Cleaning Tips


Here are some tips for tenants so they get their bond back quick smart at the end of their tenancy lease agreement.

First, let’s look at what clean is, as it really does mean different things to most of us. For starters, tidy and clean are not the same.

Tidy, is when your home is uncluttered. You’re not falling over the kids toys, or your shoes, clothes, dirty dishes and so on.

Clean, on the other hand, is surfaces are free from dirt. There’s dirt that’s visible, and of course dirt you can not see with the naked eye, but is harmful to your health, i.e. the start of mould, bacteria, dust mites, bed bugs, the list goes on.

While you may not need to know, nor care too much, about the ins and out of deep cleaning for health reasons, getting your bond back is the top priority, so here’s a list of what to do and clean offered from Canberras best end of lease cleaning team.

As the saying by Benjamin Franklin goes: we don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan so get organised as planning is makes the project methodical and achievable.

Set Up A Property Cleaning Plan

Take the whole cleaning task very seriously. Start with a plan of the house.

Interior & Exterior

List every room inside and the areas outside that also need your attention.

For each room, assess its current state. List what items are to remain, (i.e. what chattels are the Landlords e.g. curtains, light shades, and what contents need to be removed. Then make a list of what surfaces need cleaning and each associated task.

This action may seem over the top, but when you complete each task you’ll know the property is clean and your bond is yours!

Cleaning Products and Appliances

Audit your cleaning products and appliances. Do you have what you need to thoroughly clean the house?

Window cleaner, is not surface cleaner, nor is it suitable for floors. Streaky windows are not going to win you any points on inspection day, so don’t use the floor cleaner on the windows! 🙂


How’s your vacuum cleaner? Has it had a clean recently? Check the filters, if they’re clogged up then the system will not work as it’s designed to do and it will be noticeable to the inspector.

Professionally Clean Carpets

Check your tenancy agreement as it may say carpets need a professional clean so giving them a quick vacuum is not going to give the pass you need on inspection.

Hidden Areas That Need Cleaning

We all do it, just clean the usual areas and leave the less obvious parts of the home to the deep clean that occurs less often.

The end-of-lease clean is a deep clean so it’s time to recognise the areas we don’t regularly clean.

Make sure you clean these areas:


  • Door knobs, handles
  • Window sills, pelmets
  • Toilet roll holder, soap dishes, toothbrush holders
  • Kitchen cabinets, handles, drawers
  • Wardrobe shelves and floors, handles.


  • House surfaces including: windows, doors
  • Garden & lawns, pathways
  • Garage, shed


There’s more to cleaning than we let on and that’s why it’s quite an undertaking at the end of a lease, but with a plan it’s doable.

In saying that, it still may not be for you so if you’d prefer to spend your time at the beach then of course give your cleaning plan to the experts and let them do the job for you. Great, job done!