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Stay At Home Wish List

smart home

Do you know which must-dos and must-haves are now in high demand since our enforced stay at home conditions?

Smart Toilet

The run-on toilet tissue, aka toilet paper has seen the rise in interest in smart loos. Even in countries as far away as Australia, have seen a spike in online searches for high-end smart toilets. Why? Well, the run-on toilet paper at supermarkets has got a lot of people thinking: what if we didn’t need it? Expect to see an increase in sales of smart toilets once we’re out of lockdown.

Short Term Accommodation

A lack of tourists has seen a sharp drop in short-term accommodation, i.e. hotels, motels, Airbnb and other short-stay portals. Eating out is redundant with restaurants, cafes and bars closed in most regions; however, takeaways from online ordering is keeping some food outlets in business.


Plus home delivery of meal kits is also in high demand. A meal kit contains all the ingredients and a recipe for the family meal, and it’s a convenience of not having to think about what you’ll serve up for dinner and get all the ingredients from the supermarket that makes these online businesses a winner.

The demand for high-grade flour, yeast, board games and jigsaw puzzles tell the story of people stuck at home and adapting to a new way of living: baking bread, cakes instead of visiting the bakery. Families spending time together playing scrabble or Jenga or Clue as opposed to going to the ball game or the mall.

Property Short-Comings

Are we happy with our home and its location? Coronavirus has changed our lives forever, and we’re finding out fast that the house is too small, the decor tired, and one bathroom is not enough! There’s no room for remote working and a lack of powerpoints for laptops, monitors, and charging devices.

The McMansion with no backyard is not everyone’s ideal either. If new viruses and pandemics become commonplace, then we can expect to get the ‘stay home’ order and backyards, and outdoor space is essential, so they are now back on the wish list of homeowners.

More Space Please

Plus online searches have risen for lifestyle blocks and moving to a rural setting far away from high-density suburban or inner-city living.

Less populated areas provide a higher quality of living during a pandemic with social distancing the norm, so there’s no need to prevent movement of people beyond their gate. Even in lockdown, these sparsely populated areas allow for the freedom to exercise in the local area, including walking on the beach or going for a bike ride.

Must-Do List

Those of us who want a new look at home, now we’ve got up close and personal with it every inch of it during our ‘stay at home’ time, will be creating a list of ‘must-do’ renovations. Even if it’s just changing the colour of your walls, not a complete makeover, there’s never a better time to get handy around the property than during a lockdown. Make sure you have some paint and brushes at the ready and give your home a quick makeover.

Must-Have List

If your local cafe is off-limits, then you’ll be keen to invest in a coffee machine. Never again will you be caught short without the bare essentials to make a perfect coffee.  Also on your must-have list: fast internet speed, powerpoints, a home office, backyard, fully stocked kitchen for baking and cooking, cleaning and personal hygiene supplies, first aid kits.

In some countries face masks, disposable gloves are also a necessity and just about everywhere in the world paper towels, tissues and that all-important toilet paper (except for Japan as they have their smart loos).

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