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Contemporary Paint Colors for Home Interiors That Are Trending in 2020


Looking for a way to update your home for the new decade? Before you splurge on new furniture or start planning a remodel, keep things simple by adding a fresh coat of paint. 

A new color on your walls is one of the easiest ways to bring life to your space. And, the best part is that paint is reversible, so you can make an eye-catching change without the commitment of most home improvement projects. 

It’s also a great time to seek inspiration as 2020 looks set to offer up some truly unique contemporary paint colors that you’ve probably never considered before. 

Whatever your style and your preferred palette, you’re sure to find a 2020 paint trend that you love. Read on to find out our top color picks for the year ahead. 

Classic Blue

This rich and timeless shade of blue is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2020 so it’s a safe bet to say that Classic Blue is going to be a popular choice for many. Not least because blue is America’s favorite shade and one of the most popular living room colors. 

However, while most people would tend to go for softer blues, this particular shade is reminiscent of the twilight sky, offering a rich and elegant touch of tranquility for your home. Perfect for creating a sanctuary in our technology-filled, fast-paced world. 

Dove Gray

Gray has always been a popular shade for Americans. In particular, it’s a firm favorite for more formal spaces, taking center stage in dining room color schemes and elegant modern bathrooms. 

That said, while most industry insiders expect gray to fall out of favor in the coming years, many predict that dove grey will buck the trend and become even more popular. This soft shade of muted gray with a touch of lilac feels fresher and more modern than most grays. But it still offers a versatile base to work with, which is an important consideration for interior paintwork, as you can read on here.

If you don’t want to let go of gray but you’re keen on a fresh update for 2020, dove gray could be the perfect compromise. 

Blush Pink

Don’t think that 2020 is all about cool and classic shades when it comes to dining room color schemes or the latest paint color idea for bedroom walls. 

Although we’ve moved on from the ‘millennial pink’ phenomenon of 2016, it’s clear that soft pink shades aren’t going anywhere soon.

Blush is a chic new alternative for pink-lovers. It offers a warmer base than millennial pink thanks to its undertones of peach. And, as a result, blush feels more grown-up and contemporary than its sugary sweet predecessor. 


Sage Green

Soft muted greens offer the perfect balance between warm and cool, making shades like sage ideal for creating color harmony in your home. 

This particular color has soared in popularity in recent months, with many people recognizing the sense of tranquility it brings. But, while sage is becoming a firm favorite for living rooms, it’s also one of the best green paint colors for bedrooms. Against wooden furniture and white bedding, it feels crisp, clean, and yet comforting at the same time. 

If you’re not sure about green paint for bedroom walls, try it out in the guest room to see for yourself how good it looks. 

Burnt Orange

Walls in rust, clay, and terracotta give an earthy, classic feel to any space, while also adding warmth and depth. Although those shades will continue to be popular in 2020, the emerging trend within this range has to be burnt orange. This particular hue offers that same feel but brings a more invigorating pop of color to your home. 

That said, it’s best to use such a vibrant shade in moderation. Rather than considering it as a paint color idea for bedroom walls or your living room, use it to liven up a forgotten corner or a shady space. 

Warm Whites

White on white is one of this year’s biggest trends. But the layered whites of 2020 are anything but boring and sterile. 

The key is to mix crisp and modern whites on trims and window frames with warm whites on the walls. Whites with undercurrents of peach and blush tones add a chic feel, while yellow-tinted whites are cozy and classic. The result will be subtle but creates a layered feel that adds depth to any room. 


This yellow-green shade is Etsy’s selection for color of the year. Such a vibrant hue might not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s sure to draw attention and add life to your home. 

If you are a fan, you’ll be pleased to hear that chartreuse is said to increase energy and unconventional thinking. As such, it could be ideal for a home office or studio to help get those creative juices flowing. 


Moody paint colors like charcoal, off-black, and hunter green are fast-becoming the byword for elegance in living rooms, halls, kitchens, and dining room color schemes. 

As we move away from ubiquitous neutrals, navy is set to take center stage in a variety of settings, from serene living rooms to glamorous dining rooms. And, in line with America’s love of blue, this deep shade is the natural progression towards interiors that feel more personal. 

Contemporary Paint Colors for 2020

As our top picks for contemporary paint colors show, 2020 looks set to be a colorful year in interiors. From bold hues to muted tones, classic colors to unique shades, there’s something for every taste. 


And, for those of you who are still reluctant to add color to your walls, even just a fresh coat of white paint will ensure you’re on-trend for 2020! 

For more property news and design trends, be sure to check out our other blog posts. 

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