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What Are Some Clever Ways to Decorate My Home With Mirrored Furniture?


Did you know that mirrors aren’t exclusively for your vanities and bathroom walls anymore?

Mirrored furniture is trending in 2020, and now might be the time to start looking into some shiny new decorative and functional pieces for your own living space. You might be looking around right now and wondering, “Where can I fit these pieces in?”

Believe it or not, mirrored furniture can fit into any style of decor. Think about it – mirrored furniture is reflective furniture. The right pieces will blend seamlessly into the space that you’ve already created.

Maybe you still want some tips for placing your new mirrored pieces. You’re in the right place.

Here are some fun and clever ways to decorate your home with mirrored furniture.

Place Several Pieces In a Windowless Room

Do you have any dim, windowless rooms, or even large walk-in closets that could use a little more light?

Mirrored furniture is exactly what you’re looking for.

Mirrors make rooms look lighter and brighter, making them ideal for small and dim spaces that aren’t graced with windows or a lot of natural light.

As the light bounces off the surfaces of your reflective furniture, it will brighten the room and even make it look a little bit bigger. Naturally, this is a trick of the eye, but it’s a great trick for interior decorating in spaces with limited room.

While windows on the walls will also do this trick, having a piece or two of mirrored furniture will keep the illusion going throughout the room wherever the eyes travel, allowing light to bounce off of more surfaces.

Highlight Your Trinkets

Are you a collector of trinkets and odds and ends?

Placing these objects on a piece of mirrored furniture will allow them a little more space to shine.


Not only does the mirrored furniture draw attention to itself and your objects by pulling light towards them, but it also reflects them, giving them more focal space. If you have some things that you want to show off, placing them on a mirrored surface is a great way to give them the attention that they deserve.

Enhance Your Mood Lighting

While mirrors can make rooms look brighter, they can also enhance whatever unique lighting styles that you have arranged in your living space.

Not all rooms call for brightness, but if you’re seeking out a cool blue-toned room, or a warm and fiery orange-toned room, a piece or two of mirrored furniture might be exactly what you need to put it over the edge.

The mirrors will reflect the light across the whole room, dowsing it in whatever fun glow you have in mind. The pieces will also have a wonderful tone to them while reflecting the light, making them look very cool in your space.

Combine Mirrored Furniture With Plants for Contrast

Did you know that indoor greenery is all the rage right now?

You can join in on this trend while trying to make mirrored furniture fit right in inside your home by combining these two 2020 trends.

Using a lot of large plants, both hanging and grounded in pots on the floor or tabletop, will provide a nice contrast for your living space. Mirrored furniture looks sleek and modern, almost chrome-like in its shine and smoothness. The plants will add the natural back in, softening the look from the hard-edged and bright mirrors.

This is a killer combination that you won’t want to pass up. It’s a great choice for mirrored living room furniture or even a shaded sunroom.

Throw in a Statement Piece

If you’re not ready to fully commit to mirrored furniture across your home, why not try getting one beautiful piece to be a real eye-catcher for one of your favorite rooms?

These furniture pieces can be like works of art, and getting the right one can make it a focus of your space if you arrange it the right way.

A beautiful mirrored dresser or tabletop can be exactly what you need to jazz up an otherwise fairly neutral space. One dramatic piece of furniture is all it takes to change up a room drastically, and with the other added benefits of mirrored furniture, why not make it one of these shiny pieces?

Making a statement with your style isn’t just for clothing. Show off your personality with your living space too.


Be Subtle

On the opposite end of statements are subtleties.

These are more common ways to make this furniture work in the way that you want it to for your home.

Adding some beautiful mirrored bedside tables to your room is a subtle way to bring a bit more light in and show off those reflective pieces with small furniture styles.

You could also invest in a custom mirrored vanity. Who said the only mirror had to be the large one in the center? People expect vanities to be mirrored so that the effect won’t be quite as “loud”, but you still get the shimmer and glow desired from mirrored furniture.

Do You Have Your Eye on Any Mirrored Furniture?

There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to this 2020 trend, but you might want to start with one piece of mirrored furniture and see where it takes you.

Whether you want a reflective bedroom or to add more mirrored spaces to your bathroom or sauna, there are options for every style.

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