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5 Tips: Downsizing Your Home During A Big Life Adjustment

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More homeowners (37%) would rather have a smaller house than a larger one (23%). While it’s usually baby boomers who look to downsize, younger generations are looking for smaller, more affordable options, too.

The recent life-changing event that is COVID-19 has a lot of thinking about how we live too. Do we really need the McMansion on a tiny plot of land, or would we enjoy a better lifestyle with a smaller home that comes with a more efficient layout and also some outdoor space to enjoy? Clearly, it’s the latter that’s gaining more interest and popularity.

Whether you’re just fed up with your current type of property, or you’re leaving an empty nest or maybe switching careers, having a downsizing home strategy can help you get exactly what you need. With a plan, you can downsize efficiently, i.e. get the type of home your new lifestyle demands.

In this article we have five tips to get you on the right path for downsizing your home.

With these tips, you can turn an awkward transition into smooth sailing! Get started with these five tips today.

1. Have a Plan

Before the big move, take the time to make a plan. How much space do you have in your new place? Which pieces of furniture will fit in your new home?

Taking the time to make a plan now will help you avoid stress in the future.

Determine which pieces of furniture will go with you to your new home and which items you’ll need to donate. Make sure to arrange for donation pickups weeks before moving date. That way, you’ll have one less item on your to-do list on the day of the move.

Making a plan will also help you avoid the headache of moving with the furniture you can’t put anywhere.

Take the time to visualize your belongings in your new home, too. Compare each of your current rooms to the rooms in your new home. Visualizing the difference will help you determine what to keep.

Chances are you’ll keep only a third or half of your belongings while downsizing your home.

2. Get Organized

Once you have a broad idea of what you want, it’s time to downsize and declutter. Organize your possessions into three piles:

  • Keep
  • Throw away
  • Donate/sell

Try to avoid a “maybe” pile. You might feel sentimental over certain possessions. However, keeping everything won’t help your downsizing home strategy.

Make sure to throw away, donate, or sell any items before the day of your move.

3. Digitize and Declutter

Digitizing is another great downsizing home strategy. Take all of your documents and photos you don’t need as paper files and scan them. There are even computer applications available that can help.

4. Keep the Essentials

Many people are learning how to downsize as a result of the current unemployment rate, which has jumped to 4.4%. That’s the highest employment rate in the country since 2017.

As you downsize, remain realistic with yourself. Keep only what you need.

Have you used an item in the past year? If not, likely, you won’t use it in the year ahead. Use this “one-year” rule to help you determine what’s essential.

5. Consider Storage

Consider different storage strategies you can use in your new home.

Plan what you can store away first. Then, place your must-have items within reach. Anything that doesn’t fit, you might want to consider donating.

Box It Up: 5 Tips for Your Downsizing Home Strategy

It’s time to downsize and declutter! With these tips, you can create an effective downsizing home strategy. Then, you can live with the essentials and make the most of your new space.

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