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Ray White Damerell Group and Northcote join forces to boost marketing potential

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Ray White Northcote team has joined Ray White Damerell Group which currently operates offices in Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and Mount Albert.

Salespeople will still cover Northcote and its surrounding areas; however, they will now have access to the Damerell Group’s entire, dedicated marketing and compliance team.

“This move made a lot of sense – for our clients, nothing has changed in that our agents still have a very strong presence in the Northcote community”, comments Ray White Damerell Group Director, Gower Buchanan.

“But now they have access to the dedicated, forward thinking marketing team at Damerell Group . This will allow us to offer a more comprehensive marketing service to our clients- and ultimately assist in providing a better customer experience”.

While Damerell Group are still employing traditional real estate marketing methods, they are also implementing digital marketing campaigns to get their vendors properties in front of their appropriate target audience.

Utilising the use of Google display ads is one method which has allowed them to really focus their marketing, getting particular advertisements in front of a predetermined audience that their vendors are looking to sell to.

Social media strategy is also being used in an effort to further connect vendors with the right buyers. This acts to direct traffic to the vendors professionally presented listing on Damerell Group’s website.

Damerell Group Director, Gower Buchanan believes that taking on the Ray White Northcote team will offer greater opportunities and increased support to vendors.

“At the Damerell Group, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to market our properties to prospective buyers. While many companies stick to the old advertising media we invest in digital marketing campaigns which can quickly connect vendors with their ideal buyers or tenants. “

In addition to connecting vendors to people who are actively searching online, digital marketing has allowed them to accurately monitor each ads effectiveness, allowing them to tweak advertising material and measure the results.

On top of their digital efforts, the newly expanded Damerell Group has also made in-house improvements to ensure that the best sales resources are utilised for the sale of a property. Weekly meetings with the entire sales team focus on how to best market each property, allowing campaigns to be tweaked week to week.

The larger real estate sales team also breeds greater competition among the team to find the best possible buyer – an element which has a positive effect on the sale price of a property.


Ray White Damerell Group is one of Auckland’s top selling real estate agencies with a team of over 50 all focused on getting the best possible result for the home they sell. The in-house marketing and campaign team specialise in designing marketing campaigns specific to each property they sell to make sure they communicate all the benefits to the widest audience possible.