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Need A Change Of Horizon? Get The Property To Match It

english house

Do you have the feeling that your home doesn’t feel as homely and cozy as it used to? The excitement of owning your own roof and walls is wearing off, and suddenly you find yourself feeling disenchanted about your property. As harsh as it’s going to sound, it’s a common experience among homebuyers that happens when you outgrow your home. Now, outgrowing your home is how most families describe the situation when they’re lacking bedrooms. You know the kind, the typical 2.5 bedroom house that is too small for a family with two children. But in reality, you can also outgrow the purpose of your home, because it’s not in the right location for your lifestyle anymore, or maybe because it isn’t a comfortable and safe nest that protects you from external aggressions whether these be burglary, pollution, or even social pressure. In other words, it’s time for a change of horizon with a property reshuffle.

The urban pied-a-terre that makes work feel like pleasure

Sometimes, it’s not the home that is the cause of your disenchanted feeling; it’s your personal situation. Say, you’ve got to commute a long distance every day to get to work and back, it’s likely that by the end of the week you’re too exhausted to enjoy the weekend or even feel anything positive about your property. That’s why you should consider a pied-a-terre in the vicinity of your workplace. It used to be common practice for successful entrepreneurs to have a flat in town for during the week, and the trend is coming back! Why so? The main reason is that most people commute between one and three hours to work each day, so it’s easy to see how this habit can damage your productivity and your overall health in the long term.

The Kardashian lifestyle you dream of

Maybe you simply feel crammed in a style that doesn’t suit you anymore. You want something better. It doesn’t have to be bigger, but your new home should feel like stepping higher on the property ladder. It should be exclusive and delightful at the same time. So if you’ve got the heart and the budget to move out your favourite district to an exquisite location, get in touch with the experts from Icon Property to discuss your options for moving to a sunnier climate and in a luxury home. Sun, classic designs and high-quality home tech: What more could one need to live the dream life?

If you’re inclined to go back to basics and find your path in the peace of nature, you would love the idea of living in a countryside cottage. Think it’s too rustic? Think again! This exquisite Cotswold cottage shows how it’s done with an elegant union of modernized design and antique treasures. Proof that you can combine quiet rural life and sophisticated decor, far away from the stressful buzz of the city.

Whether you need to give your career a boost with a pied-a-terre or you want to move out of a gray neighborhood to embrace a luxury or rural lifestyle, there’s the ideal property waiting for you out there. All you need is to find it!