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Is It Possible To Build A Home Extension Cheaply?


There may come a time where we feel our homes need an upgrade. Perhaps we come to the idea that extending our properties could be a fantastic first step. You’d be right, and it can be. It can also be a first step into making a property truly and utterly yours, because more than a name or a deed suggesting it is, you will have something constructed through your direction.

Building your own house might be a far cry from your realistic and pragmatic capabilities right now, but an extension? It’s possible.

But can it be done as cheaply as possible without sacrificing quality? Of course, those last three words are essential. A home cannot merely be ‘bodged’ into place because sooner or later natural cracks in the firmament will begin to appear, and it can only be a chore to repair, or worse, experience the effects of.

The answer is that yes, you can build an extension with care and with ability, and more cheaply than you might have. Let us explain:


If you have any trade skill yourself, or you know people who do, you might be able to conduct work or bring in people who will. Let’s say your brother owns a plumbing business. Jackpot. It’s not uncommon for at least someone you know to have solid DIY experience, and this might help them make some headway.

This means that you can book tradesmen for a singular purpose only in blocks of time, for example, having them rewire the place, or ensure the supporting beams are in properly, or roofing the area correctly. But if possible, you may be able to conduct some of the work, such as finding mini diggers for sale to help you dig up your foundations.

Sometimes a little saved cost on labor can be important, but if you can’t do this, ensure you go with the best quality trades option. It will save you money in the long term avoiding any overpromising rogue trader.

Go Humble

There’s no reason why you need to build a massive wing of the house with two stories to enjoy a great extension. A simple conservatory can help you some of the way, and it’s quite amazing to see how. Perhaps this can be coupled with a garden landscaping effort to help this area feel completely different. There’s no issue with going humble from time to time; in fact, it might help you avoid wasteful spending and get something more akin to your original plans.

Plan The Process

One of the most difficult issue surrounding construction is under planning, going over budget and over deadline. This happens to even the most expensive and impressive construction projects. Planning the process of a renovation should help, as well as having extremely reliable estimates each time from professionals, and listening to their opinions.

With these tips, you’re sure to build your home extension more cheaply than you might have.