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Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid


There are so many home improvement shows, especially the popular reality TV programs, that viewers end up thinking they know it all, and that they know what it takes to renovate specific rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.   This newfound confidence has given rise to the do-it-yourself crowd.

Homeowners dive headfirst into a project without consulting the professionals and this leads to many costly mistakes.  Check out these common home renovation mistakes so you can avoid them at all costs.

Incorrect Measurements

A really big fail that is much more common than what you might think is to incorrectly measure. This will lead to many project headaches and a clear loss of money. When you are off just by one inch, consequences can be dire. Incorrect measurements often mean that you do not have the space you need to install the shiny new appliance you bought or you simply do not buy as many materials as you need to get the project done.

In order to avoid this mistake, you want to be sure that you measure everything many times. In the event that you do work with a friend or family member, have that person measure with you so you are guaranteed all numbers are accurate.

Just Focusing On Appearance

Homeowners are mostly interested in their home’s visual appeal, and that’s where they want to spend their money.  What’s going on behind the scenes so to speak is less interesting.  For example how a bathroom looks visually is more important than the quality of the pipes behind the wall and herein is the challenge for do-it-yourself renovators.  There is often no budget for replacement infrastructure therefore inferior plumbing products are used if replacement is absolutely necessary.

See fixitrightplumbing homeowners guide  for valuable information on plumbing, and why it matters to get it the first time.  While it’s not as interesting as choosing the colour palette or new faucets, a lot can go wrong with inferior pipes and if they leak or burst, it can be a costly exercise to remedy.

Similarly, the same applies to your bathroom tiles. If you ignore tile substructure; mold growth and tile damage can quickly become a reality.

The tip here is to focus your home improvement first on fixing all necessary repairs and investing in high-quality materials that are going to last for a longer time.   Yes, you want the renovation to be visually appearing but with plumbing there is a lot more it to than meets the eye!

Choosing A Design That Is Short-Lived

In many cases the renovation project is started because of a desire to update design style. It is normal to want a more modern look but if you just choose a personal design or a short-lived style, the fail is sure to appear. The trendy design does make the home stand out but can so quickly get out of preference. In the event that you want to sell the home, you have to make other changes simply because you chose something that is too subjective.

Improperly Choosing Paint Type

Usually, hours are spent comparing samples in order to find an appropriate color that is to be used somewhere in the renovation project. The same amount of time should be put into looking at different paint types. Modern manufacturers offer options for all home surfaces. There are many different paint types that are now available and you want to choose the one that is appropriate for where it will be used.