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How to Transform Your Home to Make the Most of Summer


Summer is the best time of the year. It is when we are statistically the happiest, when we spend the most time outdoors when we finally get that essential vitamin D, when the food is fresh, and so much more. Summer needs to be taken advantage of for the short time that it is here, and to accomplish that you need to make key updates to your home. Whether you start this necessary spring clean in spring, or in the height of summer, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the changes that you make today will have an improvement in your future summer experiences for years to come.


You must always de-clutter before you commit to any renovation or change in your home. Why? Because it is hard to redecorate or to make any significant changes when you need to make them around a plethora of items. De-cluttering is important to help better your design and to make you feel better. To accomplish this correctly, you need to do more than throw out old papers. You need to go through everything that you own and really consider what you use, and what you value.

Tip: Compliment your de-cluttering efforts by placing greater emphasis on what you buy. Do you really need it and will it last a long time?

Bring in Summer Decorations

Thick blankets and dark, warm tones are great for winter, but in summer you want to bring the fresh air in and cool things down. That is why it’s smart to have rotating decoration options for inside your home. Switch out your large tartan blanket for a light and thin white one during summer. Bring in fresh flowers into your home, and so on.

Increase Natural Light

Light is necessary to our very existence. We need it to work, to function, to play, to sleep, and to even be happy. We crave light, so while the daylight hours are long, you should do all you can to bring in as much sunlight as possible. Add mirrors, use sheer curtains instead of thicker ones, and keep your doors open.

Transform Your Back Yard

Of course, the best way to transform your home to make the most of summer is to transform your backyard or front yard. You should spend as much time as you can outside, but you also need to be wary of the dangers of being outside. For instance, you will want to add in either an umbrella or an awning outside so that you can enjoy the weather without excessive sun exposure

In order to create this oasis, make design choices with the whole year in mind. This means choosing waterproof furniture that will last all year, which you can read more about by visiting Fishpools. It also means choosing the species in your landscaping carefully. Done right, you can have flowers and color in your home all year around but get rid of the rubbish first. No matter what you do to a place if there’s rubbish lying around including old papers, furniture, you name it – that’s what everyone will see not your beautification, so bite the bullet so to speak and hire that skip from a company like even the hoarders will want to fill it!

To make the most of summer, small steps can be made to make a big difference in improving your home. Going out all the time can become expensive, and by investing in your home, you can enjoy your summer better than you have ever before. Invite your friends over and become the place to go this summer, and every summer hereon.