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How to take care of your lawn naturally

A lush green lawn is a thing of beauty. You can sit back and relax, admiring the sight, or you can use it as an entertaining or recreation space, on long summer evenings. Healthy lawns do not just happen though; you need to take care of them. You can learn to look after the grass naturally, and make sure that your lawn is one to be proud of.

You need to make sure that you have the right tools for the job, such as these weed whackers and a lawnmower with sharp blades. You also need to know how to look after your lawn in the correct manner.

Choose a type of grass that is right for the location

Your lawn is not going to thrive, if you do not choose the right type of grass. For instance, most grass needs several hours of sun each day in order to remain completely healthy. If your lawn is in a shaded area, look for a grass that is not so reliant on sunlight. If your lawn sees a lot of action from your kids playing, make sure you choose grass that can withstand the punishment and if you live in an area where the weather is extremely hot or cold choose a hardy variety of grass.

Mow your lawn in the correct manner

Do not wait until your lawn is extra long before you mow it, it’s far better to mow grass little and often. Do not mow your lawn too short. The roots tend to grow to the same length at the grass above ground, so two inches is about right. If you live in an area where there is a lack of rain, keep the grass a little longer; around 2.5-3 inches.

Make sure you give the lawn enough water

Your lawn needs water in order to grow successfully and remain in a healthy condition. The amount of water needed varies depending on how much rain there is in your area and what type of soil you have in your garden. Moisture is held in clay based soil but drains quickly from sandy soil. Generally, it’s a good idea to water an average lawn for two to four hours with sprinklers in order to ensure that the water gets right down into soil and the roots of the grass.

Consider aeration

If you know that the soil in your garden is compacted, you may find that it’s useful to have aeration carried out on your lawn once a year. Having the work done means that water and nutrients are better able to circulate and help the grass to grow. The best way to carry out the aeration process is to hire an aerator or ask a professional gardener to do the work for you.

It takes effort and patience to grow and maintain a beautiful lawn. The end results are worth the effort though, when you have a beautiful green space to enjoy.